Can this new tool from Basecamp help with your email organisation?

Yesterday Jason Fried, the Founder & CEO of Basecamp, Tweeted about a new email service called Hey which will be released in April.

As you know, email is a topic I love to talk about and help organise for my clients, so any new service that comes out regarding email is something I will always look into.

Keep an eye out on their website for updates, but I’ll definitely be making videos about it, so make sure you’re subscribed.


we all really hate email but we do need

to use it we don't know how to use it

properly and it's completely

disorganized hi my name is Kay I'm a

tech minimalist and I help my clients

organize their technology to free up

their time so yesterday there was a

tweet by a guy called Jason freed and he

basically tweeted about a new service

now he tweeted about this a while ago I

think it was last year about their

coming out with a new service he didn't

actually say what it was yesterday about

half past five I'm looking at the tweet

now he basically tweeted out that they

are working on the tool that they're

working on is gonna disrupt I use that

way I use that right not he I don't like

what the email space basically now we're

you know he was talking about we're

stuck with Gmail and places like yahoo

but now iCloud and so on and they have

created and they being Basecamp

now Jason freed is actually the founder

and CEO of Basecamp

which is a fantastic tool and they've

created this tool has taken a while to

create it and they've been testing it

internally for a few months now

apparently and they're gonna basically

unveil it in April now when he first

came out with a new tool for some

bizarre reason I thought it would be a

CMS that would be connecting to Basecamp

which would actually work but this

actually makes a lot more sense now if

Basecamp and this new email tool and in

fact the email tool is called hey H ey

so if you go to hey calm you'll be able

to get some information actually they've

got a website there they'll give you

some information about why they've

created this app and what is trying to

resolve and solve so email is a big

thing for me most of the time when I

work with my clients the first thing I

look at is their email and how organ

or disorganized it is and from that from

then I will know basically how to move

forward and help them out what what

areas of issues that they have so email

is a huge thing for me and and I think

it's a huge thing for everybody so any

app or any service that comes out and

tries to solve this issue hasn't

generally gone too well however I do

trust what Basecamp as a company does

how they work the philosophy behind how

they solving business problems so this

might have some legwork now I don't know

any other information other than the

what I know on the website and going

through the website it's actually pretty

much like a email or or a letter from

Jason talking about the issues of email

and so on so it's coming April 2020 I'm

hoping it's not an April Fool's joke he

tweeted today actually that they've had

the early beta I guess and I'm probably

not beta but what's it called early

invites I should say I think within a

minute or two I saw the tweet I sent an

invite so let's hope I'm in there as

well let's see what happens if you have

any problems with the emails put them

down in the comments below or better

still contact me through Mac junkie comm

I'll be glad to help you out and I'd

love to help you out with that it's one

of my favorite subjects actually it's so

simple to fix and it's actually my

favorite subject so it kind of works out

with what I do anyway when hey calm the

email service comes out I will be

talking about it more if you have any

scare stories about your email I'd love

to know however good or bad

I'd really like to know your story

however good or bad as I said with your

email anyway I'll leave it there it's

Friday have a great weekend I'll see you

on Monday and next week the arc or the

the store the videos and the episodes

I'm going to make are going to be about

training anyway talk to you then have a

great weekend and remember keep it


ciao bye-bye

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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