Beware of the 'Digital Transformation' buzzword

The latest buzzword is Digital Transformation that’s going around and being used as a marketing tool for selling technology that businesses don’t need. Tech & IT guys like me have been doing this kind of thing for years and know what the client actually needs.

Today’s episode is yet another rant about how some companies and consultants know nothing about doing the work and what the client needs by selling Tech to line their pockets.


there's one thing that really really

irritates me in life and in business and

that's people know not doing their jobs

properly the other thing that really

irritates me is buzzwords in the tech

industry have you heard about tech no

digital transformation digital

transformation as this new buzzword that

everyone's using on their websites

trying to sell consulting services with

transforming your business and it

irritates me

it completely irritates me because


don't do the job tech guys like us like

me do the work these people peddling

digital transformation haven't got a

single clue as to what they're talking

about and I see it all the time on the

net and I've known about this for a long

time but today I kind of went through

Twitter and LinkedIn and did some search

on the internet and looked at these

websites viewed some video clips talking

about digital transformation and it's

just absolute garbage I feel it's

complete and utter garbage garbage in

the sense that people need to digitize

people need to have computers but don't

make it into a movement where if they

don't do it they lose out the whole

point of technology is to help you not

to sell crap to customers and clients it

just irritates me that it's just

marketing and sales and buzzwords and

conferences and digital transformation

and or I want to punch their lights out

because it's tech as I said it's tech

guys like us like me who actually do the

work and realize these clients half the

time do not need this technology that

they've been peddled they're spending so

much money on crap they jet

they've been told by these consultants

that they need and they don't [ __ ]

need it and yet another rent video it

just irritates me because they're not

doing their jobs properly they're just

going by buzzwords and people who have

no clue about this stuff are lapping it

up because it's a new buzzword they just

people not doing their jobs properly it

retains me now what's the difference

between the tank minimalism and digital

can't even say it now what's the

difference between tech minimalism and

digital transformation what digital

transformation is something that you

want to do you have to do you need to do

that's been pedal to you tech minimalism

is more about using what you have

minimizing it getting rid of crap not

adding crap to it not adding technology

to it getting rid of it getting rid of a

lot of it you probably if you go and

look at your tech stack whether you're

working on you're on your own or as a

business if you look at your tech stack

you'll probably find you don't need at

least half of the software you're using

the crap you're using you just don't

need it and that's what I'm trying to

explain and show people that you don't

need it you just don't need all this

technology so digital transformation as

a buzzword I hate as an idea I kind of

understand yes we need to digitize

certain things yes we need to you know

keep up with the times but stop using

stop peddling technology to companies

that don't need it stop buying into the

fact that you need all of this stuff you

just simply don't need recently I had to

do sup of a few things and

after writing up I realized the things

that I've done in the past and what

they're trying to sell people like that

like us have been doing this for years

and been trying to explain this for

years and now these buzzwords come about

where they're trying to sell and just

basically market and make money off of

people who don't know it's a shame it's

an absolute shame so I'm looking at the

camera because it is blowing out

sunlight here anyway I'm gonna leave it

there have a great day it's Wednesday

hump a day hump day have a great day

as always keep it simple and stop buying

into this digital transformation

malarkey buzzwords minimize everything

see you tomorrow ciao bye-bye

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