Beware of people selling snake oil disguised as 'remote work' advice

In times of desperation and needing expert advice, you need to worry about the credentials of the person giving you the information.

At this moment, I see way too much wrong information is being 'freely' given out disguised as 'free help' to hook you into the crap they're trying to sell to you.


so the weekends come and gone it's

getting crazy

crazier out there I don't want to talk

about what's going on because I there's

no point having another voice talking

about this there's more than more than

enough information out there what I talk

about is tech minimalism and so on

however over the weekend

I've been fuming my blood has been

boiling I've been getting completely

pissed off about the [ __ ] out there then

I made a video about this about digital

transformations and facilitation and

stuff like that certain people certain

companies are selling snake oil about

regarding this remote work stuff now

I've been working on my own and I guess

remotely for many many years I know

pretty much all the tools that are out

there working with so many different

kind of types of clients and loads of

different clients and the amount of bad

advice that these people have just

crawled out of the woodwork giving you

is beyond laughable sorry hey wolf and

it's getting to a point where I'm

getting fed up and to be honest that I

I'm thinking of just stopping giving

advice because no one's really listening

which is fine but they're just listening

to people who can shout louder and I'm

not one for shouting how people should

work I will give the information out

there but I'm not one to try to sell it

it might come across that way but that's

not what I do but the amount of really

really bad information out there okay

what happened a few years ago was gdpr

and these people out of nowhere all of a

sudden turned up to be gdpr experts


and they gave bad advice to a lot of

people and some people I know and

exactly the same thing how is happening

right now with remote work now there are

people and companies that know what

they're doing and know what they're

talking about but just be careful as to

who you watch on YouTube and who you

watch on LinkedIn LinkedIn and I'm

seriously thinking of stopping using

LinkedIn because it's getting to a stage

where people people who are there are

things called pods and I got this

information from a guy called Mike Wynn

it and pods are basically a bunch of

people sharing the same if airing and

liking this group a pod is a basically a

group of people and you can pay to get

into this pot so every one of them

whether it's 500 people a thousand

people 20 people will like and share

that information and a pod has become

quite a big thing on LinkedIn so all

these posts that you see with loads of

likes and loads of shares and it is if

even if you look at the comment saying I

like this content or the [ __ ] does that

mean about the content just irritates

the [ __ ] out of me so be careful as to

who you listen to specifically where we

are at the moment in the world and

specifically is specific to remote work

don't listen to everyone out there a

heck who knows I might be giving you the

right or wrong advice right writers for

the insula anyway be careful out there

make sure you've got enough toilet paper

[ __ ] you know can't believe I'm making a

video about this um be careful out there

keep it simple and I'll see you in the

next episode

you can see how pissed off I am see you

later bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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