Be your own client, then simplify

When you’re your own client, you often find things within your tool stack you never use or need. So in the past few weeks, I went through my system to figure out what I could get removed and what I could enhance to better my workflow and simplify it all.


sometimes you get more clarity when you

yourself are your own client now a few

weeks ago I did a video about being my

own client and going through my digital

self basically and figuring out what I

can get rid of what I can ditch and so

on and you wouldn't believe the amount

of tools I've basically ditched mainly

Google yeah Google now Google is a

fantastic product I think it stands up

there as probably one of the top

products that I would still recommend to

a lot of my clients I on the other hand

don't want to use Google anymore on

Google products now a lot of people say

well why would you recommend it if you

don't use it it's the only product I

will probably recommend because it does

just work I don't use Facebook or any of

their products like what's up or

Instagram or anything to do with

Facebook I don't use because I don't I

don't need to use it and I don't trust

the company Google it's kind of a half

trust because I do trust gee sweet

I don't trust Google and I'd rather not

I personally would rather not give them

any money now there are certain things

in Google that I have to use like Google

my business and the webmaster tools that

they do so I do have to use those things

but Google is a product for running my

business I'm not going to use so I had

to find alternatives and this is

basically what I've been doing for the

past few weeks and today I kind of

pulled the plug on my email which was my

last thing the reason I was waiting is

because I was trying to find a good

service and also moving my email because

I have my emails go back to I think 97

sometimes it's good that you are your

own client so you can actually figure


the tools that you actually need you you

kind of go through all your steps and go

well actually I'm not automating

anything let's get rid of this I I use

Apple notes more then I don't know like

what's that what's the word

Evernote for instance I don't use

Evernote so I really streamlined

absolutely everything I will probably be

making videos next week about this but

this journey was more about organizing

and simplifying myself and my digital

self so getting rid of stuff that I just

don't need and I'm sure that if you go

through with your system you'll find

that you there's a lot of stuff that you

just don't need the amount of max I see

and when I work with my clients the

amount of things they have in a doc I

mean this is my doc this is all I have

in my doc these are the only tools I

need to work in my business this is

literally all I need so you don't need

to go through and find these tools

because they have these shiny new

features or features you think you will

use and you just won't use so what's my

tool stack now my toe stack is things

iCloud and Basecamp and basically that

that's it I have my calendar in there Oh

see I used specific tools for my

calendar he's fantastic go for my

calendar but they're the only three

things that I need to actually run my

business now before it was almost

similar but just different products but

basically the same thing but that that's

all you need so go through your system

figuring a figure out the tools that you

actually do need or the ones that you

actually using and you'll probably find

that there are punched it's just not

using so there's no reason for them to

be there so if you can compress all the

tools that

you actually need you'll probably find

you can count them on one hand anyway

have a great weekend next week on Monday

will be my hundredth video stay tuned

for that because I've got something else

coming up and now that this part is

finished anyway have a great weekend

I'll see you on Monday and as always

keep it simple get rid of things that

you don't need have a good one see you



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