I have this love, hate relationship with social media. I hate it. But I do like it. Love is kind of a bit of a strong word. I do like it because I meet a lot of people there and I get my clients from there.

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I have this love, hate relationship with social media. I hate it. But I do like it. Love is kind of a bit of a strong word. I do like it because I meet a lot of people there and I get my clients from there.

The hating part of it really comes down to social media being what it is. I definitely don't use Facebook or Instagram or anything to do with Facebook.

The main ones are ones that I use are Twitter and LinkedIn. Now Twitter, when I was using Twitter, I had loads of people I was connected with, and I was following. And one day, I thought this is insane because I am not getting any value because there's so much information, and probably 90% of it wasn't relevant to me whatsoever.

So I went through and deleted it. Absolutely everybody. I had I'm following like two people, which of which is actually my own companies. I don't follow anyone. What I do is create lists and then follow them I started following the people that I really wanted to, so I created different lists. So I curated great lists for myself. And I've met so many new people, and I've learnt so much from it.

LinkedIn is a different beast. I've always hated the way LinkedIn... I'm looking at LinkedIn right now.... I've always hated the way LinkedIn kind of does its feed because every time somebody likes something, you see it. On Twitter, it's not like that.
And that annoys me or has annoyed me since the beginning, but what's even more annoying about LinkedIn, the type of people who use it and what they use it for. And I, and I'm one of those people, we were there to self promote, but there's only so much self-promoting you can actually do without it getting really sickly and annoying.

And, and I think I'm in that category, maybe I'm not sure with these videos anyway. But what tends to happen is that people started putting too much personal information on there, and you know, photos of kids and stuff, which is fine. If that's what you want to do, that's your own prerogative, but I don't need to see it.

So I'm getting to the same stage after seeing... actually, I've been thinking about this for a long time, but after seeing todays... Post today by Emma Wilson. I put a link down to her posts below. It just got me rethinking what I'm doing on LinkedIn and how it's annoying me and how I can fix it.

And 'the power of no', I talk about 'the power of no' all the time is kind of something that I got to go into.

I've got to very simply say no to connections because I'm connecting to so many people that I just don't know. Why am I connecting to them? If I want to follow someone, then I should be able to follow them. And there's a follow button. There's a connection button and a follow button. And I think people are using the connection button wrongly.

Because now you're connected. You don't know the person. And again, I'm at fault with this because I'm just saying yes to connections, and I'm even sending out connection requests. So what I'm going to do is basically curate my LinkedIn connections as I did with my Twitter. So on Twitter, you had... Follow, you can follow people, and you can create lists.

And I think on LinkedIn, you can connect with people, which is the follow on Twitter. And then you can follow people, which is the list on Twitter. Does that make sense? So I'm going to start deleting everyone. Everyone that I have not talked to, whether with a... via a call or someone I know. Because it's actually started off with my clients actually, now that they were the main connections I had.

So 'the power of no' is just to say, no, I'm not going to do this again. I'm going to cancel everyone out. And start re-adding them, or do you know, not deleting everyone, but basically getting rid of people that I just don't know. And if they want to know about me and if I want to know about them or whomever, there's a follow button. So just follow.

The main thing is it's just that my feed is just so filled with what I would call crap. So somebody else wouldn't call crap. I just think there's a lot of crap on there that I don't need to see. So why should it be in my feed? So I'm just gonna start deleting people. I mean, if you, let me see if I can record this...

So, if you look at my list here, I have almost 1200 connections, and there are people that I know, a couple of people that I know that I've spoken with, but a lot, I just don't know. And I don't know. I don't even know why I'm connected with them. So I'm gonna go through this whole list and start disconnecting.

And make my sanity better on LinkedIn, because as I said, if you read Emma's posts about why she did it, it only makes sense. Because when I did on Twitter, I started following the right people, the right content and Twitter is kind of helping me pushing my posts because. They're curated to the people that want to see me and that I want to see.

Anyway, that's my video today. Let me know what you do with LinkedIn if you have the same issue where you just scrolling and scrolling and seeing nothing that you really want to see and yeah, I'll see you in the next video. Have a great day. Ciao.

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