Back up your mac and stay happy

Just got back from a client where his ‘Data’ hard drive with his Photo library has an issue. But in haste, he had copied his library to his external hard drive, but now that has an issue, he has no backup! Backing up should be at the top of your list when it comes to data, so make sure it’s all backed up and safe.


so hi there today I want to talk about

backing up and the mistakes I constantly

see with my clients data in their system

and so on I just got back from my client

and he had an issue he called and he

said he had an issue with not being able

to empty he has been on his computer but

also he had issues with his iPhoto

library but it comes down to well anyway

I just got back from him I went there

this morning it's now one o'clock

I've been there for a few hours and I've

been checking out his system and try to

figure out what the issue is I've

brought back his hard drive and this

hard drive was the issue the problem is

because he was trying to fix it himself

he's been copying his libraries and into

different hard drives and so on and now

we have several libraries but it all

actually started from updating his

operating system and I'm pretty certain

that updating your system and a hard

drive breaking they're just not related

they've happened at the same time or

something has manifested for a while and

it's just come to life after the update

they're kind of unrelated but anyway

this is his hard drive he's date he's so

if I photo library was on this and he

has an external hard drive which we

backed we set up a system where this and

his iMac backed up to his hard drive the

problem work is well there are several

problems but basically this hard drive

there was an error with it that's why he

couldn't empty he's been on his computer

the computers fine I won't go into the

technical parts of it but basically

every hard drive has a bin so if you

delete a file depending on where that

data is whichever hard drive it's in

it'll go to its bin so anyway when we

disconnected this is it's been was empty

so I knew there was a problem with this

but you're getting - 36 errors which is

Hardware Arizona

could be software errors as well so

we're gonna check that out but what I

was Watling but what I actually wanted

to talk about was when you backup you

have to make sure that your data is in

more than one place what he had done he

had put his light had taken the library

off of this actually in a way thank

goodness he's put it on to his external

backup hard drive and he was working for

as his backup hard drive was a faster

Drive now if he hadn't done that he

could have lost the data but that's a

separate issue so the fact that if if

everything is working you have this

drive and your backup you take the data

from here and put on your backup drive

from work where is your backup it isn't

anywhere you've a backup should be in

more than one place ideally three places

but if it's in two places great so if

you've taken data from a drive and put

it on your backup drive to work from

that is not being backed up some people

then say to me well you know I do it

manually and I back it up to the cloud

and whatever the problem is manually I

get this problem all the time is that

you will forget you always forget you

will constantly forget and this is

experience talking I I see it I hear it

all the time I was just about to back up

when was the last last backup three

months ago who's at fault here the

computer are you may sound harsh but

it's your fault if you're not backing up

if you're not learning a computer backup

and do its thing so if a system has been

set up for you please leave it we're

doing it for your own benefit not for

our benefit or for anything else is your

benefit because you'll be losing your

Feroze anyway I'm gonna go and check

this hard drive to figure out what's

wrong with it I'm gonna remote into this

computer to make sure what he has backed

up and things that are missing he's also

checking there now

so again make sure your data is backed

up in more than one place otherwise you

could lose your data and photos are the

biggest loss for anybody I mean work

data is be a big loss but photos it's a

big loss I've been in a house fire

before when I was a kid and we lost a

ton of photos when I was a kid do I have

any photos not that much it's it's a

it's a big [ __ ] basically anyway have

a great day have a great weekend

it's Friday I'll see you on Monday and

as always keep it simple and make sure

you backup okay take care ciao bye-bye

Let's stay in touch

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