Automation is a blessing and a curse

Automation is functional, but only if you use it sparingly. I found myself drowning in a lot of automated systems, and I found I wasn't able to breathe, so I stripped it all back and started again, and it felt great!


I hope you're having a great day so it's

a late video again today I've actually

been in a couple of sessions in one of

the sessions we were talking about

automation and what the thing is with

automation it's it's kind of a

double-edged sword

if you don't have automation you got to

do a lot of things manually so it's

always good to have automation sparingly

but too much automation can actually

make you wonder like where is everything

because that's exactly what happened to

me so when I started this whole online

journey a long time ago

i aughtta mated pretty much everything

and so I sat back and did nothing the

problem with that was that I didn't know

where my data was I didn't know what was

going on and it's kind of like setting

goals I don't set goals and I felt

guilty because I saw so many people

studying goals I'm like I gotta set


but I realized that setting a goal isn't

a great thing not always I mean

obviously if you want to save up for

something that's a goal but I mean life

goals I'd rather just get up and enjoy

my life we're going off and into a

tangent so with automation too in a way

it's kind of the same thing for me it's

like if you automate everything you you

you don't have room to breathe because

you're constantly thinking is that

automation working because nothing's

coming and basically it's just another

thing to worry about and the whole point

of doing what I do is to make things

simple and automate as much as you need

to automate but don't over automate

everything so you have nothing to do

firstly which is not a bad thing I guess

don't know but not to yeah not to over

automate so you don't know what's

happening in your business because we

were talking about Siri do you use Siri

to use shortcuts I don't use shortcuts I

think that shortcuts are a bit of a pain

because you're kind of

go and use shortcuts and then tell me if

you like it really because I just think

it's a waste of time actually even

though it's supposed to help you doing

certain tasks I do not use shortcuts on

my phone at all or on my iPad no I just

don't have them I don't need them I

don't want them if I want to do

something I go to the app and actually

do it it's more of a a cleaner process

kind of more of a focus process I go to

my Notes app because I want to write a


I go to things my to-do list their to-do

list manager as a bit of a slip my to-do

list manager because I want to add it to

you know a task I go to my calendar

because I want to add calendar I go to

my day one which is my daily journal

because I want to write something if you

automate stuff too much you kind of lose

track of what's what you're actually

doing what you need to do so for me not

having automation or having the minimum

amount of all automation helps me focus

and understand what I'm actually doing

rather than well that computers doing it

for me anyway that's what I got for you

today I hope you having a great day I'll

see you tomorrow which will be Wednesday

my email should be going out then so are

you subscribed there's a link down below

anyway have a great day

see you tomorrow bye

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