Are you wasting time with your Mac?

A lot of my clients tend to get frustrated with their Macs and the Tech they have, but often it’s self-inflicted. In this episode, I explain what I mean and give you some tips on how to utilise your technology for the better.


we all realize that time is money so why

do we waste so much time on failing

technologies that we use hi my name is

Kay I'm a tech minimalist and I simplify

technologies so you can free up your

time so what do I mean by failing

technology the thing is we have our

computers and they're supposed to help

us out I found that a lot of people

basically buy their computers and start

using it but they don't always know how

to use it properly well they know the

basics and it's a computer and this is

where I type and so on but they don't

actually have a workflow in place they

don't know where to put their files they

don't know how to organize their

calendar on contacts I have so many

clients so I ask them what's in your

agenda for instance if I'm moving a

client over from one computer to another

they basically say to me I don't have it

so what do you use why I use a paper

agenda now there are times a paper

agenda actually does work if it works

for you great but if you're putting

stuff on sticky notes and then putting

into your agenda and then moving those

notes around you don't know what's going

on right so the whole point of the

technology and actually those people

often tell me not always but often tell

me I just don't know how to do it I

don't know how to use it wouldn't it be

great to actually have it on our phones

and our computers well it's there you're

just not using it or you're not using it

correctly so if you digitize everything

you move away from your petah paper

pater paper agenda and put it digitally

into your computer you have it

everywhere now as I said there are times

that people you need to use paper

agendas and paper notes and letters etc

I understand that but the reason half

the time or more than half the time the

reason a lot of the time that people

don't use their computers is because the

computer is failing them they don't know

how to organize their data in such a

where they can just go directly to that

location get the data they need whether

it's an agenda or a letter at you know

contact whatever it is

so wasting your time on let's call it

analog data input because your computer

is failing you is the reason why you

need to get your computer in order not

to stop using it getting frustrated with

it and then move over to something else

that that kind of puts friction in place

where you not going to be able to get

anything done reliably and on time so

again yeah

there is this thing about you know time

is money I get that to a certain degree

so saving time will effectively make you

more money because you're spending that

lost time on being productive now I'm

looking around because I look lost but I

think that this is this should that this

is should be obvious and I don't

understand why I'm having to make a

video about this and the reason why I'm

making a video about this because this

last week I've had two clients you know

the third class three clients actually

have the same kind of issue they're

using analog stuff because they're

frustrated with their computer so I'm

moving them over to digital it's hard

work because people are stuck in their


stuck in good way or bad way whatever

moving them over and I know that they're

going to be happier because I've done

this transformation in the past so time

is money stop wasting it on failing

technology simplify and make it work for

you anyway

don't forget to subscribe to my

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Sunday have a great day and I will see

in the next episode tomorrow and as

always keep it simple ciao public

Hi, I'm Kia

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