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Are you using the right tool?

If you’re not happy with your workflow and getting frustrated with your IT & Tech, it might be because you’re not using the right app or tool to help you through your workday.


so hello I hope you had a great weekend

on Friday I did release a video but it

was really really late due to some

technical issues but I did post it

however it was a really long video it's

a 25 minute video mainly about base camp

and how I work with my workflow and

calendars and so on so if you haven't

seen it go and check that out because it

might come in handy for you the reason

why I bring it up the reason why I bring

it up mailee is because I talk about

specific tools that I'm using however

I'm not forcing these tools to you you

should only use the tools that work for

you with you now when I work with my

clients and then when I coach them I

don't force upon them the tools that I

use I force upon them force upon them

the system and the whole point of having

a great system totally outweighs of

having the tool that has all the bells

and whistles and so on so the idea is to

go through your workflow and figure out

what the I what the ideal app the ideal

system is for you not just because I say

it's best or someone else says it's best

or you heard it from your friend or a

colleague that they're using this app

and it's the best app and you've got to

use it well that can kind of come into

play to a certain degree but the ideal

tool is what you're comfortable with but

not only that what your workflow

requires I said don't be forced into

using a specific tool don't go out

looking for that shiny tool and go oh

this is going to be fantastic and it's

going to do me really well for the

future use the tool that you think works

for you that will work for your workflow

so just like always if you have any

questions please leave a comment below

send me a message through my website

make jeonga calm we're glad to help you

out I'm still taking on some coaching

clients for the month of December and

Orsi over on 2 January so if you need

some help

with your technical frustrations I guess

let me know and hopefully we can figure

them out for you anyway have a great day

and I'll see you tomorrow ciao


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