Why do I use Apple Notes as one of the main apps to run my business? Because of simplicity and how I can ‘mould’ it into anything I need.


So with Apple releasing the new operating system, they've also released a bunch of new quality-of-life updates.

I think it was a bit lacklustre, but there was some good stuff in there as well. One is the journaling app, and the other is Apple Notes, for different reasons.

The journaling app actually does look good. I'd be interested in seeing how it actually works and how you could use it day to day. There is an Apple journaling app it's been around for years called Day One.

I use don't use it religiously, although I should, because I make daily videos, but I do use it. I also know many who use Apple Notes for their journaling. So it would be interesting to see if they'll move over from Apple Notes to the journaling app.

But it being on being an Apple product would it'll mean that everything is in one ecosystem, which is what Apple really wants. I want to see how simple it is or what features are missing before I start using it over Day One.

Now with Apple Notes, I didn't see any updates. I may have missed something. Let me know below if you saw it and I missed it.

Recently a bunch of people on the internet were posting a meme with them, starting with Apple Notes, going to a bunch of other apps, and then coming back to Apple Notes.

The point with Apple Notes is that it's simple. It can be used for absolutely anything. It's a blank sheet of paper.

I made a video about Basecamp being a blank sheet of paper, meaning you couldn't mould it into anything you want. Apple Notes is the same thing.

Many are coming over from Notion more than any other app. Why would you even use Notion for a Notes app? I get Notion. I understand it. I understand why people use it, but still, using Notion for notes?!

Notion is effectively an Excel sheet with a database. That's basically it. You have to program it to do what you want. But to get information into it, as in a note, it's a pain in the butt. Just pull up a blank piece of paper and start writing, which is what Apple Notes is, digitally.

You don't need to overcomplicate your note-taking. I mean, many like to geek out about what they can do and things connecting to everything else. But when those connections stop working, you're back to square one!

And let's hope that they're coming out with some updates for Apple Notes.

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