Apple Mail: The power of simplicity

The only app, or service, you will never be able to be without is email. And on the Apple Mac, the only app that works best is Apple Mail due to its power of simplicity and the ‘it just works’ ethos.


being in business for such a long time

I've come to realize over the years

obviously the most important tool in my

toolkit is mail and now I've been using

different mail apps obviously it went

from hey to Outlook I even use now

Entourage which is a quite old one which

is a Microsoft product

uh stand up but I've used all of them

and I keep coming back to the most

powerful one and I'll say powerful

because of its Simplicity is Apple Mail


Apple Mail even though it's simple it's

it's got some insanely powerful features

that no one kind of understands

and that that powerful feature is its

Simplicity yes it doesn't have certain

features in fact the next operating

system is going to come out with some

new features which to be honest I

haven't I always thought I wanted but I

don't think I would ever use but I know

lots of people want it not need it they

want it because every other email app

has this function so they want it in

Apple Mail

but that's kind of stupid talk the the

point of having a tool is to be able to

use it get in use it get out don't dwell

on it oh this isn't working oh that's

not working and the Apple Mail has been

pretty solid throughout now people do

have problems but most of the time you

find out that the problems

um lie with the server that they're

using rather than the Apple mail

application itself the power of


uh within Apple Mail is is so amazing

and I keep going back to Apple Mail in

fact I know

uh other coaches and Consultants who do

what I do

actually only use apple mail for

themselves now they install things like

um you know Gmail and Outlook and so on

for their clients because their clients

actually require it

that's a different thing if I'm working

with a client that needs a specific

function specific tool because of their

servers or whatever then I find the

right tool but majority of clients that

I have actually just use apple mail and

they're good enough with apple now

think about what mail is mail is you get

it something in you deal with it and

then you get out of mail there's nothing

what you want it to do make you coffee

it's stupid to think that

you want all of these features in an app

that you just never gonna use or never

want so Apple Mail and the power of the

simple of power of Simplicity within

Apple Mail is amazing because I don't

dwell on things when I'm in there I can

see it it's a white piece of paper

effectively it's a white page I see

everything coming in I deal with it

whether it's deal with it there or later

and then I get out

the power of Simplicity within Apple

Mail is great so if you're not using

Apple Mail check it out and let me know

how it goes anyway have a great day

I'll see you next time and don't forget

to subscribe and all that I think I got

to start saying this don't forget to

subscribe contact me if you blah blah

follow me here

whatever anyway have a great day ciao

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