Apple M1 Powered MacBook Air 2020

Livestream on December 15, 2020, at 13:00 talking about the Apple M1 MacBook Air and Tech Minimalism.



okay well um

hello i'm not sure why

uh it's not going live on my website so

i'm gonna just try to see if i can check

that out why is this not loading let's

try this again

so if you're watching i don't know who

is watching this is

mainly a test more than anything

um because i want to make sure that this

is all working

and this is the right code

yeah that's the right code so i don't

understand why it's not working

online but if you're watching periscope

youtube and um twitch

so a few people let's have a look

yeah twitch is live youtube

is live

twitch is live periscope is live so it

is actually all live

just so you're aware that's where all my

control panel

is so i'll be looking over there quite



so yeah why is it not working

refused connection

not sure why it's not working on my

website so

that kind of sucks

but um i'm not going to be able to

figure that out quickly

let's see um

what some people wanted to know so wait

until a few more people turn up

yeah give it a couple of minutes

why is my phone saying

this is interesting

oh that's weird okay i'm not sure why

but it's cutting

out the top of the farm so let me just

connect it

connect it again

no camera no that's the wrong camera

oh wow

yeah weird is it working now

now all right well i can't show you my


can i not show you my phone

let's try this one more time no

okay something going on with ecam on my


um so

i don't want to be

no it's just not showing it that's my

face i can

why do things not just work

so as you can tell this is kind of an

experiment for me to

test out my live streaming because i

want to get into live streaming more

in the new year

and it works quite well basically i'm

using ecam live

which is actually really really cool

i'm going into restream and that's

streaming to all these other platforms

and restream is a there's a free tier

which is what i'm using

i don't think i need the other tiers but

for some reason

it's not uh

showing me the live stream

on on my website because it says

refused to connect so i don't understand

what that is

it's kind of strange

why it would do that streaming monitor


no i have no idea why it's not let me do


okay so you know what let's let me show

you let me share

my screen let me go to here

put me here okay so this is

twitch oh sorry this is restream so i'm


streaming to twitch periscope and

youtube you know what let me

put my pointer here so this is twitch

this is periscope i

did set up d live but i'm not actually

using it it's going to my mech junkie


and it's going to my personal twitch i

got to create a

make junky switch but anyway um

and on my website which is

this it's saying refuse to connect

i don't understand why

why why is that why would that be

um what's this this is

no no

yeah no i have no idea so let's not run


running around trying to figure this out

so this is

saying life so

strange so anyway this is periscope now


quality is really bad

it's like it's i don't know why because

if you look at

twitch it's actually really good

um this is just slower where is can i

get where's my

man you can tell i'm a complete luddite

when it comes to

live streaming and

this is youtube

as my where is it sorry and here

see the quality coming from ecam is

actually really good

maybe just when it's streaming this is

the resolution

it's okay i've basically put everything

on really high

now when i wanted to check what i wanted

to test

is um what

the cpu is doing now this is a macbook


it's the eight core gpu

now i'm not running that many programs

i'm just running econ live

i'm running brave browser

my things and my safari actually brave

and ecam are the only things i'm using

to do this live stream

so usually it's just these two things

that i run on my computer

um so if we look at this

it's insane so ecamm live

they were saying that they wouldn't

recommend the macbook air

for live streaming now i can kind of

agree with that to a

certain degree if you're doing live


um with multiple cameras and things like


then yeah maybe that would uh

be an issue but

if you're just like me and just

streaming from your computer one camera

mic whatever i've got my stream deck

connected as well i don't think it's a

problem because this

is really good

um the um the ram as well

you know everything i mean

i'm so amazed by this computer it's


obviously i'm connected so it's you know

fully charged it's connected to the

um one cable connects to everything

and the good thing about that

about the battery is that it does last

two days i

literally has been been sitting on the

couch all weekend

um doing some um personal stuff so i

haven't been around

um on my desk and i haven't

charged it once so i charged it on like


and i've used it until this more this

morning which is tuesday

so it's like four days and i think the

battery got down to


i think the battery got down to about

uh 30 32

i think it was so you know

this uh it's just insane

it's just works really really well

i'm really surprised i'm really


as to how well it works um

so anyway

let me see what else oh if you want to


what this green thing is this is this

um cursor pro

it's actually really handy you can just

turn it on and off

so when you click it it

so you can see what's going on and where

the mouse is i like that

what else have i got uh i've got cloud


i've got um this is demo oops come on

well it's a demo but it's not working so

this is a demo of

a keystroke thing so you can see the

keystrokes but i can't get into it for

some reason all right

i'll see this is my vimeo

this is my day one which i use for

journaling now this is really handy

i'm not sure if you can see it yeah you

can see it there you go i think

this basically enables you to so

when you are um

at night when you're watching something

and even one dot is too bright

um this turns it down even further

and this round here is about right so

this is really cool obviously one


yeah i'm not going to do that for the


and this is to hide all my desktops

although there's actually nothing on my

desktop right now and this is istep menu

i'm only running it since i've got the

new mag

i'm actually in demo mode and to test it


but generally i wouldn't run this i only

ran this because i wanted to see

how all of this would work

on this macbook air and

when i don't want to use it it all hides


my macbook this is literally

the desktop and the only apps i use

are things and safari they're the only

things that are actually

on my dock the other stuff as i said

these are

um stuff i'm using for my live stream

right now but generally these are not


it's literally just things and safari

and in safari the only thing i'm using

is um

is here live streaming okay yeah

done and this i will read

later so my hay is the only thing that's

generally open

um i open um

twitter when i need to type something

because generally i use twitter and

my linkedin on my phone as i explained

before but i open

it up here so if i really need to type


but that's basically all

i have on my computer it's it's a

it's a weird thing when i'm doing tech

minimalism stuff

and trying to explain to people that you

don't need so many

um apps you don't need so many apps

you um you just need the things that

you need to get your [ __ ] done basically

and i find a lot of time people have

so many tabs open like 50 tabs open or

you're not using a tab closer if you

need it

put it into your task manager and do

something so

i generally just have this

um and this and when i'm working now a

lot of people say well

what do you actually do well i help


minimize the amount of apps they use so

what apps do i need i need

zoom and i need a place where i

can hold their information and for me

it's notes i'm not going to show you

everything but

basically uh where am i no

it's organizing then my notes why my


this shouldn't be 100 here let it

organize it but basically if you notice

i've organized it into three areas

personal business and work

and that's exactly the same as my


um it's exactly the same

in my task manager as well this needs to

sync because this

shouldn't be here like this but anyway

um and in my things

i've noticed i just use it like this

because i make make sure

that anything i need to do that day

water plant

is in my today i generally don't look at

this however i do have three areas again

personal business and work

and in those areas i have

the tasks that i need to do and they're

generally dated now

if i go into work these are things in


are it's kind of my mini crm these are

clients that i'm uh

talking with that um to yeah it's my crm


it's my it's my pipe drive

my someday part and these are the

clients that i'm actually working with

at the moment so i'm not going to go

into it obviously but

you know i just click into it and

everything is there that i need but

again i date everything so if i need to

do something specific with these clients

i create a task date it and i just wait

until it comes in

now if they call me i then go into that


and figure out what i need to do

um i'm not going to go into business

personal it's kind of a weird demo this


i generally don't like showing my

information a lot of people

think transparency is a good thing and

generally it is

but i don't think you need to show how

much you earn

blah blah blah and i i think that's a

bit silly that's

i'm old school and that's my personal


you can see names obviously names are

always uh

out in the open on linkedin and twitter

so that's not a big deal for me

but you don't need to see anything

inside it anyway

so there's nothing in my inbox

everything gets whenever i create

a to-do

it generally goes in here and the reason

why i like using hate in the browser

and not in the app

itself is because let me just do it with


email is because for instance if there


this was an email i can from a client

i can invoke a key command

with my things and it basically

populates it and then i can just put it

wherever i want to put it

and do it whenever i want to do it so if

i just say today

i just save that and then i'm done so

when i then go into my

today view there it is and i can always

click on that link and it goes directly

and opens that email

and in fact that that works the same way

in apple mail

also um i don't use apple mail right now


i can't show you it but it's exactly the

same every

email has a direct

link in apple mail so when you invoke


things command things um key command

it populates the you know the

the things input with that email

url and the subject line and so on so it

works basically the same way

um actually it works everywhere so if i

go to here and i

and i invoke that key command there it

is that's the

url for that and i i really like things

there are other apps that does it to do

this is actually a great app it does it

also but i prefer things over to do it

for me because it the way i put it is

things is more mac-like

and to do this is more pc-like

but they have equally powerful features

but some they both lack certain features

and they both have

more features than the other but for me

things works

the best but a lot of clients that i

um coach especially if they're working

in as a team i would usually ask tell

them to use


uh let me go back to brave and

move this over here to see

if we've got any questions

favorite to-do list oh sorry yeah

mooncake um it's

things three i'll just type that in

i don't know if you can call that

someone's asking about

um favorite to-do app

i missed that i don't know when that

came in

let me see

i missed that message it's weird

actually you know what can i

i'm gonna try this let's see if i do


oh yeah i can see this

and that goes into the wrong page so i

can then do


now that should show up live

um okay next so

how do i stream with the thing on the

left um that's

called um ecamm live

sorry i keep messing around with this

okay that's called

ecamm live so um

it's let me show you

it's a great app i really like it uh

e cam dot com

these guys have been around for forever

from what i remember is two uh brothers

twin brothers

um and they make loads of little apps

and them and econ live was

has been around for a really long time


over the past couple of years they've


honed in a lot of features into it and

it works really well so it has a bunch

of features

that you can basically uh do the you

know the

the thing in this corner which is here i

can uh

swap cameras and so on so you can create


and actually flip between them um i even

have let me see i can even turn it off

so you can just see the screen so

there's lots of um

lots of little things you can do which

is really cool so

check it out it is a monthly


um they've put in a bunch of work

um you can actually do um

what's it called guest you can actually

have guests so you send them a

a url and um the guest goes to that url

in chrome or whatever and you can see

them you know

side by side which is actually really

really handy it's really nice

and i do actually use ecamm for my

live streaming on my xbox i started

doing that last year

but i need to upgrade my computers now

i've upgraded it i'm going to start

streaming again on my xbox

i hope that helped

yeah absolutely this is you're watching

it via

twitch so you can go directly to twitch

or you can use what i'm using is


to uh go to twitch to periscope and

youtube at the same time you can even go

to d live

and loads of other places so if you can

go to all of these

places so um

so this is what i'm using so basically

ecam goes to

restream here and then from here it goes


you know you can add as many channels as

you want

i'm using the free tier and it seems


the chat that i'm seeing that i'm

talking to you with

is actually restream restream has a

a chat let me see let me pull that in

here we go

this is the restream chat basically

so that works really well so i just have

that on the second screen because i

don't want to pull it out

into the main screen

but you can with e uh ecamm live go

directly into twitch or periscope or

youtube in fact

they i think they go to

facebook as well um they also go to

they don't do linkedin i don't think at

the moment i'm not sure they definitely

don't do

vimeo which is the one that i really


um so yeah

female vimeolive is something that i

really want to

get i prefer to have because this is if

you go on to my website

the restream doesn't actually work right

now it kind of sucks

because i embedded restream into my

website so people could see it but it

doesn't work so i gotta check out why

man live streaming is hard because you

got to keep an eye on so many different

screens the chat and everything

right let's see

so strange yeah and and also

like i did here you can pull up um

people's uh messages

in uh and and this is done

via econ live so you can just make it

smaller whatever

put it wherever you want oops what did i

do no cancel that and get that back

okay so let's move that back into the


there we go let's make this a little


there we go so you can even pull this

stuff in and um

yeah it works and i can hide it with my

stream deck because i'm running a stream

deck as well and then show it again

i don't know what that looks like

actually live yeah it looks alright i

can see it now

now this is the restream stream

let's see what we have yeah

going through the


it looks alright it works out quite well

it's funny because youtube is is a


not laggy but it's

takes time for it to come


um let me see is this fixed i don't know

why this is

doing this this is so wrong

it's completely messed up my notes gotta

check that out

usually i have nothing in my notes

that's so weird

the the update so i've just done an

update yesterday

i think it could only be that so i just

did an update to 11.1

yesterday and since then my apple notes

has been completely messed

up i wonder if anyone else is having

that issue you know what

let's have a quick tweet

anyone else have an

issue with apple

notes after the 11.1

update looks like

my notes are all


this is uh

why not let's do it live

you can

um yeah

the other thing you can do with ecam

actually let's turn this off

um i don't know why it didn't work

let me see if i can get it going again

you can


ah it's not working why is it not


let's delete that let's pull this out

let me get another cable

because you can connect your phone to

ecam live

let me connect it directly


charge device so let me see if i can


wow what's going on it's not showing my

iphone maybe

if i go to a different scene

and add

no it's not doing it

strange okay let me delete that

i'll hide it camera

including switcher no it's weird it was


this is why i decided not to upgrade to

big sur apparently lots of issues with

older macs yeah it depends on what older

mac you're talking about

um i had before this this this macbook

air that i have now

is a uh before this sorry this is where

i've had this for about a week

i had a 2013 macbook pro

and this thing has been trusty ever

since the beginning and it and it works


it's still great i will still use it for


and i updated this to big sir and i

actually had no issues with it

no issues whatsoever so

um the problem a lot of people make

make is that

there's a difference between updating

and upgrading

yeah sometimes i even i get that

confused if you've had a machine for so

long and you've run the same operating


for for so many years and do a big


you're going to have problems and i said

this is my job i see this

all the time and i've done this for like

should i say 30 years

all the time what you need to do when

you do absolutely do live streaming i


music with ableton and stuff um i want

to live stream on my

of for my xbox and stuff i just needed a

faster computer

so i just got the macbook air um i could

still do it on the pro but the fans go


um when i'm live streaming so i you know

i needed something else

so i went with the air and as i said

before um

i don't know if you were here but this

you know cpu 43 which is nothing

especially when you're live streaming

we've got a bunch of programs open

this is big sir and again i only updated

this yesterday to 10.11

and no no problems

so the apple notes has caused some sort

of an issue

so obviously there's some sort of a bug

there but other than that

you know no problems no problem


so you're running a 2014 macbook pro i


is that right

you're running a 2014 well this looks a

bit big

can i make this smaller yeah that'll be


put it here um 2014 again

yeah i think and when was the last time

you um

you yeah did a clean install

because um i think that's

probably the problem i mean again i've

done this for so

long i'm the mac junkie

i've done this for so long and half the


half the time 80 percent of the time

it's usually a

issue with a clean install it's not an

issue with the computer the operating

says nothing

it's unfortunate that you have to do a

clean install because yeah apple

bring out and this is another thing i

hear a long time ago well there you go

you see um

i don't want to say i told you so but it

that that's that's the issue

if it was a long time ago and you're

doing major updates you're always going

to have problems

always and again i was

just saying a lot of people talk about

apple as if

they are um

you know they should create something

that doesn't have bugs there's always

going to be bugs

and there's a difference between some

software companies

um releasing software with bugs and this

whole thing of

just ship it which irritates the bejesus

out of me

or apple or sorry software companies

creating software

knowing that everything works and they

release it

the problem with that is there's no way

of them knowing

the permutations of the millions of

people that have their machines

um and once you i'll explain that in a

moment so

my machine is different to your machine

my 13 my 2013 is different to yours and

to the neighbors and to the next

your friends and whatever so there's no

way of apple knowing

how we run our machines

so there's no way of them testing in


things now beta testers are a different


some beta testers are not running the

same software as i am or you are so

beta testing can fix a lot of the issues

but not everything

and that's why you get problems like


so how do you do a clean install wow

that's a

that's a huge thing it's actually quite

easy you need

an external hard drive there are two

ways of doing a clean install

one um is doing main install

which is um

most new operating system has a have a


disk recovery drive and you can boot

into the

recovery drive wipe your

data drive basically and reinstall

completely a brand new operating system

but you got to make sure you back

everything up and this is

you've got to understand that you've got

to make sure everything's backed up

before you do any of this

if you don't back up this is a whole


whole other video i've made loads of

videos about that so

the clean install is literally just that

get everything off your computer

completely wipe it completely install a

new system

and then put your data back one by one

now a lot of people

the mistake that they make is that they

put stuff back

on their computer from a time machine or

from a backup like a migration

the problem with migration is that it

brings back the old stuff the old

issues that you had in your old computer

because your old computer

is in that backup so don't do a

migration when you're doing a clean


it literally has to be that reinstall

all your apps

reinstall all your settings so make sure

all your settings are set so it depends


are you using any specialist software

are you using this is a mistake i made

actually this time which

wasn't a huge issue because there wasn't

that many but

i have a lot of um compressor settings

for my final cut and i completely forgot

to back them up before i did it

so i lost some of the settings but i

could recreate those

so there's a lot of settings in specific

apps that you need

um plugins that you're using you make

make sure that

all your plugins are um d

i use a lot of music software so you you

have to authorize your

computer if you don't de-authorize it

you lose an authorization but sometimes

you can get that

back so it's literally a case of backing

everything up

completely wiping it and the best way to

completely wipe it is to

start your computer from an external

hard drive and not from the recovery but

the recovery

um partition is fine also this is not a

big deal

personally i prefer to do it diff you

know the full

blown way like complete wipe there's

nothing on there no recovery drive

nothing on there

but that's a bit more technical so um

it's not necessarily needed but that's

the best way of doing it so i do that a

lot for all my clients

so whenever they come in and they have

an issue i actually have to

i have two g5s can you believe it down

there down in my office

yeah i thought they were make pros but i

got to do clean installs on both of them

because this guy uses quarkxpress

so he's got g5s not mac pros g5s

using old quarkx quarkxpress and now one

of them ain't starting so i've got to

create clean install it

clean install it's the best way to do it

i hope that answers that

um let me see why

that's weird that it doesn't come up

with the

same strange okay

um let me see

oh you know what i'm going to try

something out

okay put the i think i can do that let's

see if i can do this

yeah you can do this let me try this

so i want to try something in ecam live


i can add this yeah

oh it's already there

width 300 oops

let's see

let's see if this works just want to try


ah there you go look at that so i can

get the chat going here

okay but

so if someone messages does that mean

that they can

yeah so if someone messages it comes on

screen straight away

now usually when i did that with my old


the cpu went crazy but the cpu

still only 39

i turned it off oh wait let's go back

and turn that back on let's go

back to here and let's go back to here

should i move it to the other side let

me move it to the other side

there we go so now you can see it there

i kind of like that and i think

if i edit it um open the browser

where is it where's the settings

widget master widget

oh no that's not it um

branding okay social alerts

streaming setup known as

so i'm looking at my restream to see if

i can change

the look of the chat


yeah i just i don't know if i can oh

settings here we go

sending someone else parents

ah right okay embedding stream

button hide after

okay message background opacity oh

that's interesting

let's do this

let's try this button theme default

i can do different things okay

let's see how that works

yeah okay that's kind of cool okay

let's go back

go back to the chat right

so i can turn the chat on or off

yeah so i can turn it on and off

or i can pull in a chat from the top

which actually i prefer

less resources okay

and then i can hide it okay

so yeah um

i hope it made sense sorry i'm playing

around but

this isn't supposed to be anything other

than me testing

and i don't mind answering questions

so let's go back to here um




that's why someone someone says they had

an issue as well

that's so annoying

and i'm going to do a crying face why


it's the wrong crying face but it makes


okay let's see so other people are

having let's go back other people are

having issues as well

with this it kind of sucks

actually because um as i said

earlier yeah you you can create software

and if you test it thoroughly and you

think it's good enough you

ship it it's different to people saying

just ship it and let's go into that

right now

there's a lot of people online i've been

online for a long time but this past

year eight months i guess i've been

kind of living on twitter and and


and learning uh as much as i can

about how other people work

um and what i've been noticing is

software companies

saying things like just ship it just

ship it just get it out there

fix the bugs when they're you know and


and i just think that's just such

[ __ ]

i think if you're purposely creating

software with bugs

you shouldn't be in the software game

you just shouldn't be there

um just ship it just ship it i see it

all the time with these

for what they call them they call

themselves entrepreneurs and i hate that


anyway um but yeah

just ship it is just the biggest

um [ __ ] show and i wish

people just stopped doing just because

you know how to create an app

doesn't necessarily mean you should

especially if you have the just ship it

in your head i wish i could create apps

maybe i should start learning


okay so what's this now let's oops sorry

let's go back i'm

trying to

different questions i'm planning to

start streaming on twitch but there are

so many streaming software like

streamlabs or

which do you recommend for streaming

games but simple for beginners

well um

that's a hard one because i'm not a i'm

a game but i'm not a gamer i'm a

i stream but i'm not a streamer i

use the apps that i use which is ecam um

now um i mean to be honest stream labs

and obs i'm guessing you're on a mac

because you were talking about max


so firstly you got to decide what mac is

it that you have are you still running

are you talking about the 2014 macbook


is it a 14 in uh um sorry a 15 inch or a

handle it but it's not great

you get stuttering

to be honest things like stream labs is

probably better

because it's online but it still uses up


i don't know what happened to mixer

let's see if we can go to i don't think


yeah mixer is a facebook thing now isn't


god i hate facebook yeah i can't stand

facebook i don't like facebook

i don't never ever want to use facebook

that's an old email address for my old

i don't use facebook don't like it in

fact i

always clear the cache whenever i go to

anything to do with facebook um

but and what what um console do you have

the xbox is that usually yeah mixer used

to work with xbox

obs is good obs you can use with um

with your macbook that shouldn't be a


but yeah it i'm not the best person to

talk to about that because

um i said i stream but i'm not a

streamer i game but i'm not a gamer

because i know how to do it but it's not

my job so

i couldn't couldn't um

help you out there in that way

it's for a new gaming pc oh it says

gaming pc alright well if you've got a

gaming pc then use obs

for sure don't bother with the other


now um stream labs and things like that

you can

um superimpose uh

with obs like you know the overlays and


but as your base i would use obs

yeah but again it i'm i'm not a pc

person i'm not a gamer or a streamer in

that sense so

even though this is on twitch it doesn't

mean that i know

everything about that that that world


a lot of streamers um

sorry i was reading something um a lot

of streamers you're welcome yeah you're


a lot of streamers use a separate

um pc separate computer for the


part of it so if you're gaming and

streaming on the same computer

it's not as good as having

a completely separate uh streaming

computer it can be done there's no it's

not that it can't be done

but a lot of people have to say you know

these streamers as it were

they have um

completely separate streaming computer

so i'm going to reply to an email while

i'm there


okay just head to email somebody right




i get so much spam actually you know

what i use um

i use hey

for my email


i have a love hate relationship with hey

i really do like it um

but i do like apple mail also apple mail

is probably the best email app

but i really like the hay features

there's some features in hey that i

really like

but i also don't like some of the things

in hey and vice versa so it's like

do i carry on using hay i don't know


something else it's annoying



well it's it's

what time is it how long have i been on

i've been on an hour

is it an hour yeah 54 minutes okay

you know what i'm just gonna stay alive

i don't mind i'm gonna see how long it


i'm not doing much

let me see what projects have i got no

there's not much going on today so

i'm going to stay live for as long as i


just to test this out to see how it can


how we can cope again like

sorry it's it

works 48 i'm so

it's it's it's unbelievable


okay good boy


let's see

yeah it came live is working i still


figure out how

why i should say

the uh

i just i don't understand why the iphone

isn't showing let's try this one more


no i don't want it i don't want my

camera see it only gives me these


would be funny i know that works

yeah that works too but that's not what

i want

i think i have to restart ecam which i'm

not going to do yeah you can't i'm not

going to do right now

but i wanted to show my

phone for some reason it's not

coming up even though it's connected

really odd is there a

let's have a look video


account screen sharing

so this is ecam live preferences

um i have everything

set up there are some settings you can't


because obviously i'm live so you can't

change everything

but so you can disable built account

yeah let's do that because i don't want

to keep seeing that

picture we have overlays yes

um oh interview mode is really cool

oh man looking forward to using that

doing a podcast

facebook periscope youtube i don't use

any of those um

it's so weird that it's not letting me

what's your conclusion on hey well

um i was just saying i love it and hate

it at the same time

it's um it's

i love the features of it i love the

idea of it i do

think it is a little slow um i don't

like using the app

because there are certain things i can't


with my things i was explaining this


um but i like the service there are so


so many good things about it um but

there are a few

bad things that kind of irritate me

but i love the the best email app is

for the mac anyway it's apple mail to be

honest and

if hey wasn't around i would be using

apple mail and that's what i have been

using now i've used

spark i've used uh mailbox i've used

i mean i've used all these apps and i

just don't like them there

there are too many bells and whistles

they're they're trying to do too much

what we need is an email program we want

in and we want out and that's it um

i like inbox zero i wanted to show you

my phone but i can't show you

but i i do like it uh where's my hey

i really do like it the fact that you

can send

an email um of any size

here it is um is really really good

that works i send video files of my zoom

uh coaching sessions to to to clients

rather than using a third party you just

put it in an email send it and they

download it works really well what part

of it are you using

um hey tim

and what do you not like about it or do

you like about it

i mean i like it it's it's good i i

wish i could get rid of this previously

seen and just have nothing there

but that's one little gripe um

one of the other little scrubs it's a

little slow

for certain things you know

it's a it's a web page basically and you

know running

hey as an app again it's it it's just a

web app

you know it's the same thing they're not

doing anything special here

you get native apple

notifications but that's about it don't

like the interface

well this is the thing i i don't know

how long you've used it i've used it


pretty much day one and i didn't like

the interface

i thought it was a bit cartoony actually

and i wish i could show you on the

goddamn phone

but my phone isn't coming up on screen


i actually started it started growing on

me and then i started liking it

it is a bit cartoony in a way um

but to be honest what do you need from

an email app i always tell i mean

you know you've got let me open up my

mail app this is my mail app this is


there's nothing in it which actually i


i love love love this

um and i'm really torn between

keep using hay i have an amazing hay

email address so

that's that's going to be mine forever


keep using hey or move to apple mail i'm


considering it now they're going to be

doing custom domains

which would be really nice

but going back to the interface yeah i i

know what you're saying

um it takes a little time to get used to


but you know it is what it is

i i was saying this um the other day

you've got to chew

you know the whole joke about marry the

person that annoys you the least

you got to use the software that annoys

you the least

every piece of software no matter what

it is going to annoy you

doesn't matter what it is something in

that software is going to annoy you

something so it's best to use

a software app service whatever that

annoys you the least

and you know hey it took a time it took

some time to get in there

um the fact that i couldn't import my

old emails

really freaking bugged me

but again how many times have i actually


and checked my email well actually quite

a few times but not as much as i thought

it would

so yeah there's that


how are you using hey or have you used

it how long have you used it that'd be

that'll be interesting

to know tim

can i not make this bigger hmm

let's put this over here

three months okay yeah all right well

again what i usually do

with um apps that um

i use is that i go in

feet first head first i dive in and

basically just

uh use it um

like properly like basically move

everything over and blah blah

with with any app that i use and if it

annoys me

after like six months then i get rid of

it i get annoyed that you can't preview


oh yeah that that's yeah that's a

big pain in the butt that's a seri

you have to download it but i think on

the phone let me just check because i

have a feeling that

on the phone you can

uh can you believe this yeah let's go

i think on the phone you can preview it

okay you know i can't remember let me

just check

no you can't yeah you kind of can

on the phone but not really but yeah

that that bugs me because i get a bunch


pdfs invoices whatever

from clients and um i just want to see

it i don't want to download what the

hell i

that really annoys me but from what i

understand they're actually

going to be working on that to get that

fixed up and organized so fingers

crossed they get that

the thing is i understand base camp as a


how they work with their with the six

week cycles i read the shape

up i've you know i've looked into how

they work and

um i understand why it needs to be done

i understand how they work and what they


but as an end user

it really gets frustrating because uh

see you later man take care because um

it's uh it's annoying because we we

we the people need to use these apps

and you know when companies say well you

know we didn't make it for you we made

it for us

well you know you're making it for us

you're not making it just for you and

you know going back to this just ship it


and they they don't do they just ship it

to a certain degree not

in the way that i was explaining they do

the just ship it thing

in a in a different way they just ship

the product working

but lacking features and they add the

features there's a difference between

the way they do it and where a lot of

other software companies do

that just ship it is there's bugs in it

[ __ ] let's just ship it

so um yeah but the attachments

oh god yeah that's that's frustrating

yeah and i don't like the fact that i

can't use my

keyboard shortcut in the app so this is

the app so if i go

if i go into

um web browser

and i go to an email let's just go to

this email i was showing this earlier i

have a key command for my things

it populates and

gives me a direct link back to that


but with the app it doesn't do that

it doesn't do it at all and sometimes it

crashes it

it takes a while for it to come up now

this will come up off there you go now

it comes up

so weird

so yeah yeah the attachments thing is a

sucky thing

but you know the the look of it kind of

grows goes on your grows on you after a

while i didn't like it at the beginning

i thought it was like crayon crayon


is it crashed

it looks like my camera has crashed

that's weird

i don't know if i'm still live but

it crashed i think it's crashed

that's strange

you can still hear me yeah i think my

camera has crashed

um because it's it's live i can see that

so maybe i just reboot my camera i don't


let's just see what happens here

very strange

let's see if this uh comes back alive

cam link yes cam nick

very odd i think it's a cam link problem

so let me see if i can put my other

camera on

let's do this let's video

let's enable my other camera

and let's see if we can

do this oh yeah see that works something

to do with my camera

have you taken it off thanks man

appreciate it tim um

you know what this year has been a

complete [ __ ]

for everybody

and also for me um i have so

many i have a i've got a bunch of

ideas and um things that i

have set up to talk about

i've got a massive list and the reason i

haven't created them um

i just been i've been inspired to

get the ideas but i haven't been

inspired to make

create um the actual videos

but i am going to get back into it um

definitely this

this live stream is kind of a test

because i want to do more live streams

um i don't like webinars i think

webinars are generally people trying to

sell you

crap whether it's uh a spoon or a

idea or a coaching or whatever um i

think live stream is a bit more

spontaneous spontaneous i mean i guess

webinars the same but generally a


has a connotation of selling anyway off


i am gonna be uh coming back

to doing videos for sure because i

really miss them i really like enjoy

making them i appreciate your

kind words i'm gonna put that on the

screen thank you tim

um but yeah i just been uninspired to

do the creating not necessarily the

ideas but there's a lot going on

so yeah thanks man

appreciate it so did you watch them

on my website or did you watch them on

the youtube channel i don't know where

you would watch them

because i took them off youtube yeah

i think what i'm going to do in the

future is use my mech junkie channel

which is this channel if you're watching

on youtube you are watching on youtube

actually yeah

um all the videos are actually on my


um anyway they will always be on my

website so the full versions are on my

website and i think i would do snippets

for youtube

to get people the notification that

there's a new

new channel out the reason i don't put

them on youtube saw them on youtube

first and try to trace

them on your website okay cool and the

reason i don't want to put them

on youtube it's a google thing

um i'm pretty much de-googled although

you're watching this on youtube

um oh that's

cool thank you appreciate that

appreciate that yeah um a lot of people

have this issue you know i've been doing

this mac thing for like 28 years as i


and um away from

helping people get their mac working i

help them understand how to use their

mac and i've learned

so much in um

how to how people use their stuff and

just how complicated

people make um their things and there's


point um

complicating everything you know the

thing that really like yesterday i had a

really bad day

like a really really bad day um

it's annoying my camera doesn't work

that kind of sucks

um and the bad day basically came from

um asking a question to

several people asking for help

you know support teams and then replying

with like a chapter you know five

chapters worth of information that had

absolutely nothing to do with

so i can't stand people not doing their

jobs properly i can't stand

where people don't read you know

they're not communicating they're not

reading i can't stand

people um just making things complicated

um and i find a lot of people

um get a computer and just work which is

you know fine i understand that

but they make it complicated for

themselves they make it so complicated

for themselves

and then they get frustrated and then


waste so much time in the day not doing

the thing that they actually need to do

but rather fight with the

uh with the yeah with the apps

and the technology rather than

focusing on their own life and it

irritates me

it's their life but it irritates me um


the information i put out there is more

a case of

what i've learned in my life and what

i've learned

about keeping things simple and my area

of expertise is computers so i'm kind of

marrying the two

hence why i call the tech minimalism

tech being me in tech minimalism because

minimalism is the thing right now so

i'm i wouldn't call myself a minimalist

i definitely wouldn't

i like to keep things simple i'm a


i guess and it's not it it's semantics


um uh but yeah that's that's the way i

see it

i'm not a minimalist for sure for sure

i got too much stuff to be a minimalist

load your life management episodes um

yeah thank you yeah there's a lot more


actually i have a bunch of you know what

let me show you

uh i hit the wrong thing

um so


i got one called create so these are

the things that loads of

ideas i've got yeah just ship it i'm

gonna make a video about that god damn

it i hate this just ship it crap

uh thank you yeah so

these headings no longer exist

actually because that's something else

that i was fighting with

i'm trying to simply go back to

simplifying my own business

so i've got tech minimalism wednesday

weekly wednesday friday fury mech

it just annoyed me so i'm gonna do an

episode about

that as well um so yeah this is a list

if you're

interested laziness is the best roi now


i read i heard someone say that and it

just stuck with me

so brilliant

so yeah this is just a small list of

what i'm planning to do

just go back

um yeah

let me see what else is happening here

kind of sucks why my camera stopped


happy to be to be a tester to give you

feedback too yeah thanks tim

appreciate it

well we're gonna this live stream has

just kind of turned into a

complete um

free for all which i i actually enjoy

i'm gonna reboot my cam link to see

if my camera comes back oh look at that

camera's back

there you go so

no that's not the one i want to delete

that one

let's get this back onto my camera link

there we go

that's what we're talking about there we

go i had to reboot the cam link for some

bizarre reason

anyway and this is quite

bright so let me turn that down a little

about there is good

um yeah this is better

right it's nice having a second you know

i hate second screens i really like just

my one screen that i can do everything


but having a second screen here when i

when you're live streaming it's really


to have all the chats and the

screen and what's going out and levels

and so on

and i have a stream deck

stream deck which helps me move

between the screens which actually helps

as well rather than playing around with

mice and stuff

so having a second screen is handy but i

hate working on it

for several reasons i think you lose

focus with too many things on screen

this is pure simple i wanted to get a 16

inch macbook pro

because i thought i wanted a bigger

screen and i tried it client had one

which i was transferring data so i was

just using

certain screens i was like there's too

much information here i don't need it

even when i was um um

editing my videos my videos are really

simple you know that right

so uh that this is the video there's one


there's no real editing so i'm like why

do i need a bigger screen

i just don't need it so just use one

screen more than enough

let me see if i can get my phone back

online onto here

see no it does it just doesn't work hold


i wanted to show my screen

on my phone but again this doesn't

it yeah i don't know sometimes

tech even annoys me

i'm planning to do um some podcasts

like before my podcast which is a tech

minimalism podcast

is just the audio actually of the videos

i make which i

i'm still going to do i think that's

kind of a good idea so i'm going to keep

doing that

but i'm thinking of creating um

longer podcasts talking to people about


tech and how they work and so on and

clients and so on

um and i'm going to use ecamm live for

it and

to actually live stream it and then

create into podcast so

the um ecamm live has a thing called

interview mode so you can actually get


people uh on there which actually is

is it's amazing it's really cool let me

see if i can turn it on

don't think turn it on

yeah turn it on right so

i have a screen here

it doesn't right so i can just add this


now get this one and

this one right this is ecam live so this

would this would be the guest

and this obviously me so you can you so

how it works

is that you get a a link i'm not

obviously not going to show the link but


you get let me see if i can do it this

way can i do it this way so this is the


um if you're on the yearly plan you get

for the year which is you know i guess


and so the guest will come on here and

then they have a green room

which is really nice um and you send

them a link

why is this on my facetime cam get back


right so you send the guest the link

and they don't need ecamm live they just

go to a web browser

brave or google chrome and they

do it via the web browser and then you

can just

live stream the chat really handy really

nice so i'm planning to

do a bit of that actually

let's go back into that you don't need


let's see

so tim where are you located let me be a

internet sleuth and figure out where's

my search

okay let's figure out

who it is which term am i speaking to

anyway um let's see

the other thing i was gonna try to do

because there is a way

you can see

where is the

yeah you saw that right yeah um

yeah this is the thing i wanted to see

right i tell you what this

macbook air the m1 is

seriously cool

sorry i'm just looking outside there's a

dog outside my


um i'm sorry i'm not even showing you

um here it is this is showing up yeah

i can't believe it's only using 41

air there's no

fan and if i touch it it's warm

but it's not melting you could put this

on your lap

no problem i'm

just completely blown away by this

macbook air

um yeah the battery lasts

for so long it really does last

so long now the sensors there's a

there's an sss

there s ssd sensor

but i but there isn't a

um processor sensor

in this app anyway i'm sure there must

be but in

this upgrade it's really interesting

and again with the memory nowhere near

the end

i mean again i'm not running that many

apps but

let me see

it's using swap but the

the fact that it's only like you know

not even hitting 50

is just amazing

oh well now it hits 50 okay


um okay i think i'm gonna call it a day

been on for about an hour and a half

again uh thanks for dropping by

and um it's stuck again

my my cam link is stuffed again

unbelievable what the hell look

stopped again unbelievable so let's do


okay so um yeah thanks for stopping by

um i've got to figure out why my cam

link keeps stopping

i just i don't understand it's going

through a hub

but it's a powered hub so it makes no


um yeah thanks for stopping by

and um i'll see you next time


thanks tim appreciate it see you later


Let's stay in touch

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