Achieve more in your life by simplifying

You Live.
You Die.
But in between, You Simplify.

This was something I came up with when I saw a post on LinkedIn by Elizabeth Pampalone asking for a poem.

Me? A poet? NOPE! But hey, I think it makes sense, let me explain it a little…


if I asked you how much time you

actually waste when you're at work

what would your reply be to think about

it for a moment now the reason why I'm

asking this is earlier today and you're

not too long ago this was posted up by

somebody I know and respect her name's

Elizabeth she does social media

marketing and a lot of other stuff as

well and she posts a lot of things and

this came up and literally within a

minute I came up with you live you die

and in between you simplify now it

sounds like a tagline for my business

and to be honest it might be they might

even use it but I came up with it on the

fly and it kind of triggered me into

thinking about we this is basically life

you live you die and you do stuff in

between my point is you have 24 hours in

a day you sleep eight hours generally

work about eight hours and you have

eight hours to do what you want to do

but obviously in those eight hours that

you do what you want to do you travel to

work if I mean we're not doing that

right now but you're traveling to work

and stuff so actually it kind of narrows

it down to about four hours of of stuff

that you can do keeping away from the

weekends but when there be easier if you

had more than eight hours for your own

life and in order to do that you'd

actually simplify stuff at your in your

work in your job so you could have more

time to do the stuff you want so the

point is if you simplify everything you

have more time to do what you want so

you live you die and in between you

simplify meaning the in-between bit is

actually really really important because

what we do in between life and death is

our legacy that we how we feel that we

leave behind and wouldn't it be good

that you had the memories of those

things rather than going oh

I wish you know I could work more no one

ever says I wish I could work more

everyone says I wish I wish I did that

sooner or I wish I could make this

easier I wish I could wish I could have

more time or to have more time you've

got to organize your life better so if

your work is eight hours basically let's

just say the amount of stuff that you

can get done in your work in eight hours

it is immense it's it's a massive amount

of time but if you're being distracted

again it goes back to this distraction

thing these videos that I made in the

past couple of days if you go go into

the get distracted all the time you're

not going to have those eight hours to

do the things that you actually need to

do at work and if you work for yourself

and you don't you eat into that time so

you have eight hours of working it out

of play of personal life and those eight

hours turn into 12 hours or 14 hours and

I know it happens because there are days

that I do it but not constantly you can

do it now and again but eats into your

personal time so make sure you simplify

so between life and death you can

actually enjoy the time you have and

enjoy the the moments with your loved

ones and for me it's worth it wolf is

down there chilling anyway have a great


hopefully this made sense it was a bit

of a weird one but this really kind of

resonated with me so I wanted to make a

video about it have a great weekend and

I'll see you on Monday see you then ciao

the way

Hi, I'm Kia

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