Making daily blogs or videos is really easy when you realise that your life is essentially a show about nothing and people love to know more about ‘you’.


Before I start today's topic, I just want to give you some advice.

As you know, my eyes have been annoying me for the past week or so, but I couldn't figure out why. Someone mentioned something to me, and now I feel like an absolute idiot.

So the advice is never to put mosquito repellent on your dog, pet him, and then rub your eyes because that's what you're going to get. And you're going to feel stupid when someone tells you. Unbelievable!!

Anyway, today I received an awesome email, I receive emails pretty much every day, which is mind-blowing to me. It's so awesome to receive feedback, good or bad.

The email that I received today is from Dinos. We're both in the Basecamp community, that's how we know each other, but he's also been watching my videos for a while.

The email stated that he tried to do daily blogs and daily videos, but he finds it hard.

Bear in mind, I've been making videos for three years. I'm quite comfortable being in front of the camera. And always have been. It's kind of forced upon me by my father because he used to love taking photos etc.

In fact, in 1999, 2000, I bought my first camera and was always videoing and actually doing vlogs back then, going to Amsterdam and recording vlogs back then. So I've been comfortable. But understand why many say it's difficult and even more difficult to find topics to talk about.

Well, the topics I cover are Tech Minimalism, Apple stuff, and tech in general, but I do put some personal stuff in there too, like the mosquito spray story and even going to buy my blazer.

The point is your whole life is a show. You may even think it's a show about nothing. The whole Seinfeld thing, right? A show about nothing.

The whole show was effectively based on nothing. But it wasn't really about nothing, it was stuff that they were doing day to day.

You and I do stuff every day, and it's relevant either to your work or to you personally. So you can easily make videos about 'nothing' and still get views because people are interested in 'you'.

For me, I'm making these videos to be top-of-mind, so people understand what I do and also to see the human side of me as well.

And the funny thing is, the more videos I make and the more consistent, and that's the important part, the more people realise that you're consistent, they hire you, and not just for what you're known for!

I've been hired to set up their video equipment, set up their video workflows, and set up how I colour grade. So they hire me for different things because they've watched my videos.

The videos may be about 'nothing'. But they're about me and what I do. People still like that 'nothing', right?

So your life is a show whether you believe it or not, and people are interested in shows that are personal, personable, informational, and fun.

People are genuinely interested in you, and I think, especially a message to Dinos and everyone else out there who wants to make a video, people don't necessarily care about the quality.

My videos have a certain look. However, some are overexposed, and some are underexposed. and that's ok. But the one thing that I do care about and do highly recommend is getting a good microphone.

Just hit me up if you want to know what mic to use, but good audio is very important! Also, the video doesn't have to be perfect you're not a TV studio!!

The topics come from your own life, they come from your experience, whether it's your work or your personal life, so just start making videos or blog posts about your 'nothing'.


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