A new year, a new decade and a new beginning,  I hope the coming year will be as fantastic for you as it will be for me!


so hello and welcome to the last video

of the decade from me anyway so it's New

Years Eve it's the 31st of December I

can hear fireworks going off at the

moment I'm a bit colder that's why I

have this alarm sorry so just like

yesterday's video about kind of going

through what you've done throughout the

year I've been thinking a lot lately

about wanting to create a course and

that's basically what I've been working

on for the past few weeks actually and

as of midnight tonight I will be putting

the dojo live and I said I've been

working on I've been thinking about this

for a long time and I think learning

going into the new decade and into a new

year will be or should be high on

everyone's list it's always good to

learn new things as I said in a video a

couple of videos ago

learning all the time with Benny Hill

actually so I wanted to create a place

where I could teach more and post

different type of content different

types of videos I'm a tech minimalist

I'm an Apple guy but I also like other

things like Tesla cars and you know

phones and cameras stuff so I don't want

to diversify too much but I want you to

learn a bit more about me I will go into

that I'm talking too much about that now

oh I didn't want to do that right now

but I will go into that in the coming

year the daily videos will carry on so

there will be one tomorrow hopefully you

guys will be awake to actually watch it

so yeah the Mac junkie dojo will be

live at the stroke of midnight what will

I be doing

I don't like celebrating New Year

personal things I'll be relaxing with

Wolf he doesn't like the fireworks too

much he doesn't get scared he just

doesn't like it so I'll be spending it

with Wolf hopefully you guys will enjoy

it go out and enjoy and get drunk I


watch the fireworks I will kind of be

watching it and yeah here's to a new

decade I'll see you next year

have a good one Oh keep it a simple ciao

bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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