These days to lose your computer or laptop is easily comparable to losing a limb or any other part of your body.‍

Some time ago I had a huge problem with my laptop. The situation was crucial and I didn’t have a backup!

I tried every professional help I could, but the last diagnosis was "The laptop is dead!" After hearing these words I got a bit dizzy. I was desperate.‍

One day I was walking my dog and I met a nice man who had a business called is MacJunky. I knew that he was an Apple expert, but I didn’t want to bother him in his free time, while he was walking his dog Woof!‍

But my situation was a serious one, so I decided to ask for help. MacJunky couldn’t re-animate my old "vintage" MacBook, but he did find save all my files and replace them so that I can still access them.

In my eyes, he saved my life.‍

Thanks Kia!