After months of frustration, useless hours and days trying to get our in-house wifi network installed and after spending money on network links which didn't work, Kia fixed it all in one day.‍

As we work from home and our children are online all day, our network is key. We never managed to get the proper IT people in before. Kia knows what he is doing.‍

We needed someone to assess the complex situation in our old large house with an expert eye and sort it out. After coming in and taking a deep dive into our installed systems and wiring, Kia analysed the options and sent us out with a detailed list of products to buy - as agreed beforehand - within the hour, while he started working.‍

At the end of the day all laptops, tablets, telephones, TV and scanners were connected and could see each other, wifi (streaming speed) in all rooms and in the office, and even my complicated e-mail server settings and all provider connections were sorted. Which even the experts from the Amsterdam Apple store on the first floor hadn't been able to help me with.‍

You may ask why you need someone to come all the way from Amsterdam to your house and why you would spend so much money, as I did. Don't hesitate, ask Kia to come out.‍

Make sure to have all passwords and provider information ready before he comes in. Be available while he is working, as you know your house best.

And keep Kia on your contact list!