You know that uncomfortable feeling when you have to leave your computer behind at a service centre?

And they promise you that you will get a quote for the repair within four working days? Four days???What's a long time if you are self-employed and depend on your Mac?‍

Luckily I found MacJunky when I needed help after my MacBookPro crashed and I had lost all my data. MacJunky was available, fast and professional and managed to retrieve 95% of my data within 24 hours of contacting them. I was then provided with good advice on how to set up a decent backup system.‍

Last week my operating system gave me some problems, and MacJunky discovered when checking it out that my battery was expanding and interfering with my trackpad. This could have become a serious problem if it had not been resolved.‍I am self-employed and not good with computers so I am happy to have fast, personal and professional support when I need it.‍

MacJunky makes sure my computer runs smoothly so I have nothing to worry about and I can focus on my work.

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