Kia! Oh, dear! You saved me months, if not years, of work by getting that data out of my dead TimeCapsule!!‍

I was so much relieved to see my old but extremely valuable data back. Now I am ready to go ahead with all that has been planned. It was lovely to meet you and Woof and I hope we meet sometime soon like friends, not like a client and a business. It was a thoroughly pleasant experience meeting you.‍

Thanks a lot and have a great day!‍

The following was placed on the MacJunky Google page...‍

Kia, you made my day, my week, month, and year! I am saved! Thanks for getting this old valuable data out of my dead Time Capsule! It was a really nice experience meeting you (and your lovely dog Woof).‍

Hoping we meet soon. All the best, Dmitry.