After following an absolutely brilliant, inspiring workshop @ MacJunky HQ about productivity and workflow improvement, I realised 3 things:‍

1... My old but still decent working MacBook pro needed some TLC in the form of a few OS updates and new HD

2... My email was a total chaos and I wanted to clean up and organise it properly

3.. I was never going to do this by myself!!‍

Kia took over and did a miraculous job. Now, I have a 'new' computer, only one and very neat mailbox left in my Mail and a really great admin and archive system in place.

Plus, he gave good advice on my new business branding, helped me purchase a domain name and is hosting it from his servers. Everything is ready to go for my next step in my career.

I would highly recommend Kia for anything to do with your Apple computers, software, workflow and productivity improvement and web advice for your business.

He's very skilled, very patient and very keen to help and make your life a lot easier!