Frustrated, I contacted Kia at MacJunky to discuss some connectivity solutions. His advice? "@#!*^^?! that solution" invest on TimeCapsule + Airport Express.

‍It's the best thing out there at the moment."So I followed: I went to the expensive Apple solution. It is @#!*^^ expensive indeed, but it does work like a charm.

‍No double WiFi networks (as NetGear was creating between modem and extender), seamless transition from one base to another, NAS and USB printer all hidden in the tiny office in the attic, 2 floors away from my 2nd-floor apartment. Constant audio streaming to WiFi speakers regardless of where my source is :-)

‍I've tried different brands, cheaper solutions, combining hardware or even modem and extender from NetGear... nothing worked. Does anyone need a NetGear WiFi extender?