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Sharing knowledge about my work and journey is important to me. So below are some videos, articles and posts I made to help you simplify.

Listen to the experts

It’s time to listen to the experts. In recent times that phrase has a different meaning, but to blindly think you can do anything and everything is coming to a close.

Wheels, tires, and business tools

It’s not often you’d relate car parts to business tools, but I’m going to try. You see, building a car takes time and a lot of patients, so it’s relatable.

Get out of your comfort zone

It’s great to having a comfort zone. But in a business having that place could be costly. Getting out of that zone should be your number one objective.

Becoming a pro

One of the best things you could ever do is to learn something new. The second is to hire a professional to that’s help you save time, money and headaches.

Don’t let this be your workflow

Getting clients is the easy part. Marketing, sales, and your brand are how they find you, and that’s great. But if your delivery falls short, you’ll fail.

Don’t overcomplicate your note-taking

You’ll find that after using a third-party app for your note-taking, you’ll eventually revert back to the true, tried and fully tested Apple Notes.

Friday Fury: Too much technology

We live in a world where technology is there to help us, and for the most part, it does. However, some things have that simply too much tech!

Getting more done with a single screen

Having multiple screens is fun and can be useful for the minority, but if you want to be more productive on your Mac, having a single screen is the way to go.

You have to pay for it somehow

There’s always a payment, no matter the method, whether it’s money, time or sheep. There will always be a payment made somehow.

Working with the tools you have

There are times we won’t have the tools we need to finish a project. However, if we’re inventive with the things around us, we can.

Don’t want it, need it

We all want shiny new things, but do we really need them? If you step back and think about the things you need, you’ll realise it’s less than the things you want.

Don’t live just for the weekend

Weekends are great, but do you have to wait for the weekend to let your hair down? It's unfortunate that many feel they have to wait.

Remove tech friction to get unstuck

As a small business, we sometimes find ourselves stuck. We don’t know why. We’re just in a state of annoyance, and everything around us stops!

Here's a solid email system for you

Having a solid email system with amazing support, just in case, for your business is paramount in today’s world. So here’s how I've set up mine.

Seek discomfort

The idea of comfort zones has been around for eternity. However, it doesn’t mean we need them. Sometimes it’s best to seek discomfort.

You’ll never remember everything

It’s hard to remember everything before starting a project. And it doesn’t matter how much thinking or strategy you’ve done, it doesn’t always go to plan.

Friday Fury: The Internet

We all use it. We all benefit from it. We all love and hate it at the same time. But why is the Internet the cesspool of shit and a great place to be?

Having no ideas can be the idea

The universe came from nothing. Your business was built from the ground up. Some things come out of thin air. So can your video ideas.

Get yourself a Noid Light set

A Noid Light is a tool that helped me eliminate issues saving me time, money and a whole lot of headaches. You might need something like it too.

My 10q Interview podcast with Chris

A few weeks ago, I was asked to be a guest on the 10q Interview Podcast with Chris. We spoke about being a daily video creator and a lot more!!

Monday Muse: Create art, not content

There is no ’best practice’ with art or what’s now called ‘content’. Art comes from the love of what you like and your interpretation of it.

Friday Fury: Apple Vision Pro

Humanity won’t last if we sit in our homes with goggles strapped to our heads, not interacting with our environment and other humans.

Working around app limitations

There are times we need to work around the limitations we’re given. However, we never have to ‘make do’. We have to always focus on the outcome.

Apple Notes wins with simplicity

Why do I use Apple Notes as one of the main apps to run my business? Because of simplicity and how I can ‘mould’ it into anything I need.

A show about nothing

Making daily blogs or videos is really easy when you realise that your life is essentially a show about nothing and people love to know more about ‘you’.

Monday Muse: Hit it with a hammer

Computers are great, but in a car, they’re the worst! And I’ve gotten to a stage in my life where if I can’t fix a car with a hammer, I don’t want it!

Friday Fury: What do you do?

If you can’t explain what you do within five words or less, you have no idea what you do and wasting time trying to sell your BS to a prospect.

The Apple WWDC buying frenzy

With the Apple WWDC conference next week announcing new stuff, we have to ask ourselves, do we really need new hardware every year?

I was a little naive

It’s not often you release that you’ve gone down the wrong path. But you can always steer back into familiar territory when things become clearer.

Numbers mean nothing

The more I use the internet, the more I understand never to use social media numbers as a marker for anything, as they never help with your personal goal.

Consistency matters

We all now know that failing is a way to learn. However, failing at consistency regarding social media and content creation isn’t the same.

Friday Fury: Cheesy newsletter shit

I think we’re all getting fed up with newsletters and how they try to manipulate you into buying something. Not even that, but they all look the same!

No one likes an audit

It doesn’t matter what kind of audit it may be, they’re always annoying, stressful and intimidating. But at times they're necessary.

Your time is worth more

On social media, you’ll often come across posts that’ll glamorise what a high-flying entrepreneur does to stay on top. And it’s all horse shit!

Being last works

You should never worry about being the last to be contacted. You see, when you’re the last line of defence, they know they’ve got the right person.

Productivity is dying

Reading through the comments of a very interesting Tweet this morning, it seems many are getting fed up with ‘productivity’ apps, and I’m here for it!

Friday Fury: The hustle

You’re not special. Everyone needs to work to pay bills, I get it, but having to hustle every day won’t give you the experiences you need as a human.

Make space for simplicity

It doesn’t matter if you’re building an app, running a business or creating content, in fact, even your personal life. Just remember to Keep IT Simple.

You don't need to overcomplicate IT

If you want to focus, you must ensure you have no distractions. One area I find many struggle with is the amount of tab/app switching they do.

Destructive wrong answers

It’s destructive to do anything wrong. Worse, it’s utterly destructive if you have to fix something you thought was a good idea due to a wrong solution.

The 80/20 rule to rule them all

Many know the 80/20 rule. However, I don’t think they know how to implement it into their life as a whole. Let me explain my thoughts.

Friday Fury: Selling shovels

The amount of bullshit on the internet never amazes me anymore, but reading bios stating, “I've made $10M for my clients”, is fucking getting out of hand!

Make IT so simple it's invisible

The more complicated your tech stack, the more unproductive you will become. The secret is to make your whole system so simple that it’s invisible.

Unlearn to learn

Learning something is one of the most rewarding things you can do. But often, you’ll need to unload what you learned to get something done.

Turn it off and on again

There are times no matter what you try it will never be how you want it. Trying to sellotape or hack a solution to make it work will often make it worse.

All the gear but no idea

Having all the tools in the world won’t make you productive unless you have a goal. Knowing what you need to achieve that goal is vital.

Life is better when it’s simpler

The more we have, the more we worry about the stupidest thing. I put my money where my mouth was and left everything behind to live a simpler life.

Never lose the art of conversation

There are times when texting, emailing or even writing a blog post doesn’t convey how you feel. That’s why I think video is so important to master.

Don’t wait, create

The longer you wait to do something, the more anxious you get and may never do it. So when it comes to creating content for your business, I'd just start.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

When it comes to video content creation, you won’t win any Oscars or awards, so why are you trying to make it perfect? Just hit that record button!

Productivity is a lie

The longer you look for a way to be more productive by learning everything under the sun, the longer it’ll take for you to actually get off your ass and do it.

Friday Fury: Twitter narcissists

It’s been a while, so as the narcissists whine online, I thought it was high time for another Friday Fury episode to shed some light on their fake glory!

Nothing ever goes to plan

It doesn't matter how much you plan, what you strategise, and whom you bring into a project. It will never go to plan. But you shouldn't focus on the negatives.

The journey, not the destination

When I work with a client, the more I know about the end result (the destination), the better the solution will be. However, when on the road, I prefer the journey.

Listen to the whisper

Your inner voice can sometimes be overwhelming, but if you don’t listen to that whisper, you might regret it later in life.

From simplicity to spaghetti at Basecamp

Simplicity is something we all strive to possess, but as we work and find ways to make our business work more efficiently, we lose sight of that focus.

FOMO is killing your productivity

The less we have, the more time we have. But having extra time for ourselves doesn’t mean doom-scrolling for fear of missing out.

The importance of not having a job

We all need a purpose; otherwise, we aimlessly drift and waste our time on the mundane. So doing something we enjoy and getting paid for is the ultimate goal.

Is the autofocus on a Fujifilm camera good?

I had a Canon for a while, then a Sony for about 5 years. I loved using them due to the autofocus, and they worked great! And I wouldn't have anything else.

iPhone screen modes

I love to have the least possible apps on my iPhone screen as possible. While without impeding what needs to be done during the day.

It's ok to just use the stock Apple apps

Sometimes we need to get a third-party app to get our work done. However, using the stock Apple apps can be easier and save you time and money.

Always wanted one. Now I have one.

The colours you get out of this camera are insanely good. So now there's no need for me to shoot in RAW or LOG profiles to get the dynamic range I want.

iPhone – Jan '23

My latest iPhone home screen is an extension of how I feel. Currently, the theme is less work and more practical and social.

The right side of your brain is screaming

There might be a reason why you're feeling lost. Maybe, like me, you too have lost that creative spark, fire, and passion you had when you first started your business.

The right video tools do matter

It can be overwhelming to see someone else’s setup. It’s great for inspiration, but it’s a huge mistake to think it’s something you need to get the quality you want.

And now for something completely different

After being asked numerous times about how I make my videos, I decided to I may just produce a video course. If I do, would you be interested in it?

Being creative means being selfish

It takes courage to create something and put it into the world. But worrying about things like that will hold you back for no good reason. So be selfish, be you!

How to keep your data safe

I often talk about data safety and how to store your data reliably, and in today’s video, I’ll tell you a short story about a friend’s data woes and how you can avoid the same issue.

'Busyness' can kill opportunities

Being 'busy' can be a double edge sword. On the one hand, it's great to be working, but on the other, it doesn't leave time for other urgent things.

I don’t look forward to the weekend

The weekends are great; we let our hair down and do things we would not normally do during the week due to work. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s time to let go of things

I’m guilty of hoarding tech ‘stuff’. Whether it’s old equipment, parts, or things I think I might use later, and it’s really become a problem, but I’m about to fix it.

No, I don’t have an iPad

The Apple ecosystem is great, but sometimes we need a device to do some work. And I feel an iPad isn’t the best device to reach for that task.

Stop looking at features

Features are only good if we need or use them. The issue with 'features' is that they're often bloat and never used. Show me the benefits, and I'll buy it.

The best lazy email workflow

Many small businesses struggle with email and how it’s used to collaborate. But there is an easy, dare I say it, lazy email workflow that might work for you too.

Saving money is simpler

There are plenty of gurus out there telling you how you could make more money. But have you thought that simply not wasting money could be more beneficial?

In with the new

In with the new [year], we’re all so quick to create a resolution we can never realistically keep. So this year, develop smaller steps for your ideas and goals. It’ll be easier.

Merry Christmas

So this is Christmas. A very merry Christmas. I hope you have fun.

Who’s in your corner?

This episode will annoy some, but I have been thinking about who you have behind you when you get great technical information you need to implement.

Do this if using email is annoying

One of the best business tools we have is email. However, the problem with email is that it can take up a lot of our time and energy. But there is an easy fix: Delete it!

iPhone screen 12/22

You don't have to have all the apps in the world at your figure tips. You just need the ones you often use that help you progress throughout the day.

Stop having meetings

Having too many meetings can be more of a headache than many realise. The best way for you, the team, the project or even the client to know what’s going on is to have a single source of truth.

We all have our own rhythm

Having the best system for our business is the holy grail regarding tech and IT. However, many don’t realise that creating such a system comes from within.

The simpler it is, the better the outcome

The idea of having all the apps and tools at your fingertips is a lost cause.

I wish things just worked!

More often than not, nothing works out of the box. It’s annoying, frustrating and a massive time suck! But once you understand the issue and know what you need out of the tech you use, then life becomes easier.

How can adding something help you simplify?

It’s so counter-intuitive, especially when Tech Minimalism tells us the opposite, but sometimes it’s better to add something to your toolkit that helps us simplify our business.

Step back and take stock

Sometimes it’s good to step back from our business and take time for ourselves. It’s a great way to understand how we can move forward. Because being outside the business is better than grinding within it.

Is your Mac like this?

Having a pleasant, tidy environment to work in is one of the best things you could gif yourself. However, many don’t adhere to this regarding their tech, specifically their Apple and Mac systems.

Stop hacking your tools!

The best solution is the simple one. So if you’re constantly fixing the ‘hacks’ that are supposed to make your life easier, then what’s the point? You’re only ’Sellotaping’ a fix and not fixing it permanently. Right?

Are you using automation because you’re busy?

I’ve often said that automation is for the lazy and unorganised. However, I also know that it’s a tool to help the busy get organised. The issue I find is that often it’s used due to people being too busy rather than their need for it.

Never fear the unknown

It's all too common to fear the task than actually doing the test itself. As a result, we sometimes fall into a place where we feel anxious about trying something new. Even though, deep down, we know it's probably better for us.

Basecamp is the modern day Rolodex

I used to run a business in the past with a minimal amount of ‘tech’. And when I say ‘tech’ I mean Rolodex, pen and paper! So for me having a tool like Basecamp is equivalent to that, but quicker, simpler and easier.

Basecamp is the ultimate blank piece of paper

Now that Basecamp has moved to a per-user pricing model, I think this is the best time for many single-user/small businesses to look into it to see how they can save time and money by implementing it into their workflow.

Complexity creates complications

When a complex issue needs to be addressed, the simpler the solution, the better it would be. However, many don’t apply this method, so somehow, the solution becomes a convoluted, complicated and diabolical mess.

Change can be difficult

Apple released iOS16 last night, and many things changed in the system. This annoyed me a little, but it got easier once I started to adapt to the new features. But like many others, I found it hard to adjust when I initially upgraded.

Copying a system isn’t the answer

Having a system you've created and use daily is the best way to be more productive. However, if you copy a complete system from someone else, you will not benefit from it. On the contrary, I would argue that you'll get even less productive.

Technology should only be useful

Here's a very short guide for others who want to digital detox. I say DON'T. Just be mindful of the tech you use...

Quality always has a price

Quality matters, no matter what you buy or invest your time on. So when it comes to making the suitable investment to better your life, whether it’s for you or your business, making the right choices should also... matter.

Keeping your business organised with Daylite

The fewer places you have to hunt for information, the more productive you will be. This simple idea can turn any business with the right tools be a powerhouse of efficiency. For me, I use (link: https://macjunky.link/daylite?ref=kiakamgar.com text: Daylite) to make that happen.

Apple macOS security features

Having a Mac that’s secure is always a good thing. So when I read an article about how Apple is going beyond just securing your device and data by enabling their macOS system to do more, it got me excited!

Opportunities Board in Daylite

Not long ago, Daylite released their Board view for Opportunities, and I love how they've integrated it into the workflow.

Email is the only constant

Often the thing you use most and take for granted is the most important in your life. However, we don't often consider it important until something goes wrong. Think about having a cut at the end of any finger.

Being nostalgic with tools

Letting go of things is one of my biggest vices. I’m not a hoarder, but it takes me time to get rid of stuff as I get attached to them. So, waiting over a year to change tools did waste a lot of my time.

Can't wait to get Chuck back on the road!

I can't stand people naming their cars, but I thought I'd join the crowd. Chuck the K5 Chevy Truck. Kinda has a ring to it.

If it’s clunky it’ll make you unproductive

The more colicky the app, the less likely you will use it. It’s a simple fact. How do I know? Well, it comes form the clients I work with. Not only that, but it also comes from my personal experience.

Upgrading your business

Even though change is difficult for many, we all know that changing things in your business will always help make it run smoother. So upgrading the tech will help you future-proof and expand easier.

Here’s why your Mac is slow or isn’t starting

There are many reasons why your Mac will be slow or not boot at all. But one of the common reasons is that it’s running out of space. Did the Apple Store Genius tell you that iCloud could help? Uh oh! Watch this to learn more.

Your business needs to evolve

No matter how we run our business, there might be a time that we’ll need to evolve our business to stay in business. But if the tech you use isn’t in order, you will feel the hurt more than you can imagine. So make it easy for yourself.

Backup is great, but offline is better!

We all know that having a backup of our data is essential. So why is it that when you’re posting something Longford, you use an online tool/platform that could easily not save/update or store your data correctly?!

Complicated tech shittery

Getting frustrated with tech is annoying and infuriating, so when a company thinks of making a product, they never think about the shittery they’re creating when it has a problem or issue.

It’s always hard at the beginning

Nothing you do will ever be easy or simple, especially if you’re new to what you’re trying to solve. However, once you dig in and start implementing it, you’ll find that all that hard work was oh so worth it!

Jump in feet first and learn while doing

Sometimes it’s easier just to dive in feet-first and learn while doing what needs to be done. It can be daunting, frightening and even challenging, but we should always be learning, growing and experiencing new things.

Using apps you already have

The simpler your workflow, the more you can get done. It sounds simple, but many don’t realise how the apps they already have on their Macs can do more than they think. With the added benefit of not spending more money too!

What password manager should you use

Having a password manager is one of the best ways to help keep your privacy and security in check. But what one is best for you and why? In this video, I’ll go over some of the best options available.

Your life could be a constant holiday

Doing what you want in your life is the ultimate goal. Many like having their two-week holiday in the sun, but what if it was possible to have a constant holiday? Well, you can. It's called living the life you already have.

Planning for the worst

It’s never good when your Mac or the tech you use in your business stops working. But, can you continue working and delivering your services to your clients when that happens? Do you have a plan in case it does happen?

The problem with email inbox zero

Inbox zero is great, but if you’re only doing it for the aesthetics, you do not understand the whole issue. My mistake has been not explaining what it means when I post screenshots of my email window on Twitter.

The right tools are better than any ‘system’

Having an external individual exert their 'system' on you or your team is a recipe for disaster. You can't change someone's way of working just because your 'system' works for YOU.

Your email privacy should always matter

Your privacy and security belong to you. No one should be able to know when you’ve read, opened, or clicked a link. Nor should they know what location, device or email app you use. It’s just not right!

Your best idea is usually your first

They say you should always be listening to your body. That way, you can be proactive before getting sick. The same thing is valid for listening to your gut feeling when doing something in/for your business.

No question is a stupid question

The very fact you have to ask a question means you're willing to learn. So if you answer a question, and it's wrong, don't think of it as you being wrong. That's especially true when it comes to the pronunciation of someone's name.

Does your tech bring you joy?

Doing something that doesn’t bring you joy is no fun. Doing work with tools you don’t like is no different. There’s nothing worse than doing your work with apps that suck and are challenging to use.

Minimise your business tools

The more tool you have, the less work you’ll do. That might sound counterintuitive. But the more you bounce from one tool, app or service to another just to do something simple can take more time and effort than you realise.

How not to forget your best ideas

The older we get, the more we forget. I know in my case that’s true, so taking notes for ideas, thoughts and things you want to remember for your work is vital. And the ability to take those notes anywhere is even more so.

Inbox-zero is possible, here’s how

Inbox-zero is one of the best ways to focus on your business. Being constantly distracted by notifications can remove that ability, fast!

My Mac Dock 08/22

See, you really don't need a lot of tools, apps and services to run a successful business. This is my current Mac Dock.

How secure is your client’s data?

Your data is critical and should be secure and away from prying eyes, hacks and phishing attempts. But have you considered the client and project data you hold for your clients?

You’re wasting way too much time on email

We all know wasting time in our business can cost us money. So why waste time on things that could be simplified? Email is such a powerful tool that we forget it’s a time suck if we’re not using it in the best possible way.

Too busy to fix your busyness

Busyness is nothing to be proud of. If you’re too busy, there must be a friction point that needs to be fixed. No one should be too busy not to have time to do things they truly need to do. Fix your ‘busyness’. You’ll be happier for it.

Work tools and business tools are different

To make it easier on yourself when choosing the right tools and apps, make sure you understand the difference between tools for your business and tools for your work.

Stepping back to square one

External input can be a great thing, but often we delve so deep into the idea of it being a good thing for us and our business that we lose sight of what would work, is working or will never work. So stepping back can be an excellent way to see clearly.

Having everything in one place

We all know that having data for your business in one place is better than having to hunt for what you need in a bunch of tools, apps and service that isn’t efficient. So why are some still use Post-it notes for important information?!

Simplifying your tech security

In today’s world, your online security is vitally important to your privacy. So having everything, from your online accounts to your Mac, iPhone, and other Apple devices, safe and secure should be vitally important to you too!

Making things simpler to have more time

We all want to do many things, but often we don't have the time to do those things. What if we made things easier and simpler so we can create, or better still, not waste time on silly things to be able to do them?

Tech that’s easy to use and simple to maintain

Having the tools, you need to do your work should be as easy as everything else you do during the day. Life is hard enough already. We don’t need our tech adding more friction.

Fearing tech isn’t the answer

We all need to use tech in our lives, whether for work or personal use. Even though many fear using technology altogether, some fear using it due to the wrong choice rather than the tech itself.

The pitfalls of working remotely

You can get all the advice you can, but if it’s wrong, you’re back to square one and none the wiser. Working remotely does have its challenges, but if done right, your tech will be future proof and you’ll be a master nomad in no time.

You don’t have to use all the features

Humans are nest makers. They’re hoarders. And when it comes to tech and the apps they use. They want to use all its features because they have this idea they’re missing out on something. But that’s oh so wrong!

Getting more out of your Mac

Getting the most out of your Mac, whether it’s for your own personal use or using it in your business, you need to make sure you’re using it to the fullest to help you get what you need to be done, quicker and easier.

How to keep track of everything in your business

You will hear ‘single source of truth’ many times over, but what and how is it relevant to you and your business? Well, it’s the idea of keeping and having all data and information in one place to help you be more organised.

Making things simpler is the ultimate goal

Humans have a great way of making things easier, simpler, and more comfortable. That shouldn’t just stop because you’re at work. Making your work and life easier should be on top of your list.

Many don’t understand simplicity

I get it. Not many are ‘in to’ simplicity, nor are they interested in making things easier for themselves. But when speakers talk about making things simple, who seem to have no understanding of what simplicity means, it just gets my goat!

How to use TextExpander to save you days of work

If you want to be more productive, do less. That might sound like voodoo magic, but with tools like TextExpander you can make the work you do on your Mac way easier and quicker.

Multitasking is overrated

Multitasking can be good in many ways, but when it comes to working on your Mac, or any computer, it can be a distraction. I’ve found that working on one app or task at a time yields way more productive than trying to do too much at the same time.

Apple Mail: Organisation without folders

Using Apple Mail is easier when you use it simply. Email is the simplest tool in your toolbox, but over the years, I’ve found many making it more complicated than it needs to be. So I’m going to show you how not using folders will help.

Wanting and needing are two different things

Not knowing what you need is annoying. But even worse is to get something you want. Why? Mainly because it's probably not going to work for you. Just because you see someone with something you 'want', doesn’t mean it will be right for you.

How to keep your Apple Mac secure

There are many ways you can keep your Apple Mac secure. In this video, I’ll go through the most important and give some tips on how to keep your data safe, secure and away from prying eyes.

Before it gets too complicated, simplify

We don’t wake up one day to declare we want to complicate our lives. It’s a gradual thing that happens. And it happens while we’re busy working or living our lives. But once we feel burnout coming, we seek a solution to fix it.

Apple Mail: The power of simplicity

The only app, or service, you will never be able to be without is email. And on the Apple Mac, the only app that works best is Apple Mail due to its power of simplicity and the ‘it just works’ ethos.

Always secure your Apple data and passwords

Keeping our data and passwords safe is vital in today’s world. We live online, so whether we like it or not, we need to sure our data is safe should be as important as keeping our keys and wallets safe when we’re out and about.

Ecamm Live is what I use to record my videos

Making videos is hard. Making daily videos is even harder. So to make that process easier on yourself, you need to use the tools that make your life simpler. For me, I use Ecamm Live to help me record the raw material.

Don’t focus on the software

Productivity shouldn’t be something you’re taught how to do. It should be you just getting your work done. So using the tools or software should come from the way you work, not from some guru who tells you what your should use.

Systemising your business

Getting things done quickly within your business gives you more time for your clients and business. So once you have a system, you'll be able to work more efficiently, be more productive and have plenty of time for yourself.

Identifying friction points

Everyone at some point will have a problem with their Apple tech and not realise they’ve already identified the issue or friction point. And need to find a solution. So once you know there is a problem, there is no problem.

Email organisation with an Apple CRM

Getting your email organised can be a nightmare. But what if you could use a CRM in your business to track any email you receive? Whether it's for a client, a project or a lead. Wouldn’t that make your life so much simpler?

Be busy doing nothing

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the time in the world to get all your work done? And have so much free time for yourself that you feel so bored being busy doing nothing?

Online vs offline Apple apps for your business

With many SaaS apps and services, you need the internet to function as a business. But what if you’re away or most of the time you work remotely and have no access to the internet?

My Mac Dock 06/22

After being away on my road trip, I thought it was time to switch it up a little and show you my latest Mac Dock setup.

Your tech foundation is vital to your business

When I talk to small businesses about their Apple tech and how it’s used, they often say they have problems with keeping track of things. My response is always: Having a solid tech foundation will help.

Not following the Apple ’how to’ herd

Are you interested in me making more ‘how to’ type videos? For me, my videos are about simplicity. And making sure my viewers and clients benefit from my ideas and thoughts.

Apple apps for your business

It’s not always necessary to go out and buy a bunch of software to run your business. You already have Apple devices with a tonne of software you could use.

Don’t 'unread' it. Deal with it!

Doing something later is ok at times. But when it comes to your email inbox, you have to deal with it the moment you have read it. Leaving it ‘unread’ is a recipe for disaster.

Everyone’s always rushing

After being away in southern Spain, where life is so much slower, on the drive back I’ve realised people are always rushing for no reason. I feel the need to decompress by taking another trip just to relax!

Some like the complexity

Over the years, I’ve found that many like to complicate their existence for the sole purpose of looking good from the outside. Let me tell you now that ‘busyness’ is not a great way to live your life.

Parasitic complicators

On my road trip through Spain, I’ve been to Isolated beaches, pine forests and national parks, where I’ve spent the evening looking at the stars. Travelling back to ‘civilisation’, I’ve seen nothing but complications.

Apple didn’t kill the password

Since last week’s Apple WWDC many have been talking about Apple ‘killing’ the password. Now, this could be true, as the PassKey system looks pretty convenient, but at what cost, and is it safe?

World of beauty and simplicity

The world is simple, but we insist on making things complicated. It’s not just me saying this. It’s been said in the past. But I still can’t fathom why people seem to love complicated BS!

Letting go is hard

It’s always nice to keep an old t-shirt or even an old bag, but to keep software or hardware you use on a daily basis just because you’ve used it for years isn’t always a good idea.

More life. Less work.

Hustle culture has to stop. We all need to work for obvious reasons like rent etc. However, do you need to work as hard as you are?

Apple’s new productivity push

Every year Apple puts on a show called the WWDC for developers. And it previews the next operating systems for their devices. This year, it seems, they’re pushing into the productivity space.

Boost your productivity with constraints

You’ll often find that when you’re put in a position that’s out of your comfort zone, you’ll deal with the situation with resources around you and get it done. It’s no different when you have less tech.

Freedom to roam

Simplicity played a major part if you want to have the freedom to do anything you want, The more complex your life, the more annoying it will be. The same goes for your tech and how it’s set up.

Don't fear failure

Failing at something is never a sign of a bad decision. It’s more of a success story than you might think. Failing often is more of a sign of your willingness to learn from those failures.

Road to simplicity

We have too much stuff. We don’t understand why. We just need to find a way to have less and enjoy our lives. The road to simplicity can be hard, to begin with, but once done, you’ll let go of your burdens.

My iPhone setup for a road trip

It's always good to have your iPhone setup correctly when you're going on a long road trip

Things 3 task manager with no tags

When I say I use no tags in my task manager, I really do mean no tags whatsoever! You don't need tags to get stuff done. You only need the right system and app to help you achieve anything you need.

Always be backing up!

When you buy a new hard drive, make sure you buy a second one so you can back up your data.

Simpler. Calmer. Clutter-free.

It's not hard to have a clean and clutter-free workspace. You just need to de-clutter and squash bad habits. This is my desktop and Spaces.

HEY! It's not you, it's me!

I was one of the first people on the list when Basecamp announced HEY. I was intrigued, and excited and couldn't wait to get my hand on a simpler email workflow.

Vimeo, and their BS!

I've been using Vimeo to host my videos for many years, and have been happy with their service. I even toyed with their live streaming tier for a while.

My iPhone Dock 03/22

As you know, I don't use a conventional CRM for my business. Yeah, sacrilege if you're running a business! Yet, I've always been able to keep up with my clients and leads with no issues.

Friday Fury: Just ship it!

Is it just me? Am I being oversensitive? I don't think so. Why should SaaS companies get away with releasing software and apps under the guise of; 'just ship it', when there are bugs and features missing?!

Basecamp update

Yesterday, Basecamp pushed an update with some handy tools. A most welcomed feature is called Lineup, where now you can add start and end dates to projects, and they show up on the Home Page.

Stop the complexity

We seem to relish complexity. We understand that it’s harmful to us and eats into the finite time we have. But we still pursue this elusive thing called complexity for some reason. Why is that?

My Mac Dock 05/22

Here's my Mac dock. Simple. On point. And very, very versatile. What's in your dock? I'd be interested to know.

The simpler the better

We all long for simplicity, but we often don’t realise what that means. We’re inundated with companies and people telling us their version of simplicity only to find they’re talking about complexity, not simplicity.

Solution to a problem

Be the architect, not the builder. This is something I heard a while back and stuck with me. There’s nothing wrong with being a builder, but sometimes one’s mind is more geared towards finding solutions rather than building them.

Show, don’t tell

Sharing what we plan to do can be more detrimental to our plan than we realise. We often don’t get to do everything we plan out, especially in a new year, so showing and doing what we want, and failing, is better than dreaming of what we wish to do.

Friday Fury with Adrian Oprea

Fake gurus. Snake oil salesmen. And even non-expert financial advice. No, that’s now what we’re doing. That’s what we’re calling out. And in this Friday Fury, my last film of the year, I wanted it to be unique.

Simplify your note-taking process

I’m confused as to why some make the simplest of simple actions, like taking notes, more and more complicated.

Great knowledge is out there

We can’t know everything, even though we think we do. There is so much information out there that we often think we know it all, but there’s always something we can learn.

Don't be 'salesy'

People always gravitate towards good art. The constant battle to 'game' the algorithm is all in vain. Nothing will work, no matter what you do to your post, page or bio.

Gain clarity by talking to a peer

Humans are creatures of comfort. We’re also creatures that need contact with other humans to create and share ideas. So talking to a peer about our thoughts can and will help us move forward.

You already have the app!

Don’t get bogged down with trying to find an app to help you do that one thing. You’ll find that you’ve probably already have something that can do it, and do it well!

Search for a simpler app

We’re inundated with apps and tools. However, most are full of bloat and feature we never need. And because of that, we often stop using them. I wish developers reached out to users before they start building.

Niche down on social media

The idea of niching down on something isn’t a new one. It’s the best thing to do when you’re in business. However, I think it’s also valid when It comes to the social media platforms you use.

Friday Fury: Fake experts

Getting advice from a fake expert will kill your business. I’m amazed at how many are out there giving shockingly bad advice. Even they don’t have their own shit together!

Never cheap out on tools

Don’t get caught out with the allure of check tools. You’ll regret it in the end and will be kicking yourself for not choosing the right tools that’ll last and be beneficial to your business.

Scheduling with SavvyCal

Finding tools, apps and services that make things simple is a passion of mine. Today I want to bring your attention to a scheduling tool called SavvyCal. It’s simple. Clean and makes scheduling easy and personalised.

Content creation and the tech

Too much tech is never great. When it comes to your video or podcast production tech, it’s no different. Having too many ‘toys’ can hinder your creativity and when you start, it’s simply not needed.

Using video in your business

I love making videos. It helps my prospective client understand who I am, how I work, and they get to ‘know’ me a little before they get in touch. It’s vital for my business, and it should be for you too.

Friday Fury: Special episode

We often get advice from people around us that we love and respect. But often that advice is coming from a place of love and not from a perspective that we need to move us forward.

Do you own your data?

Your email is the glue that holds your digital life together and without it, you could lose the key to all your data. So making sure you 'own your keys' is vitally important. Here's what I had to deal with when my email stopped working.

It’s ok not to know

There's one thing that I don't know, and I've tried, and I can't get it. So my friend says to me, I can do it, but I'm completely useless! And that's cooking.

Things don’t last forever

LL Cool J had a song out years ago, and it started off with... "Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years." It's always stuck in my mind.

Friday Fury: Apple Support is a fucking joke

You know, one thing that really irritates me is people not doing their jobs properly. And I'm sure you are the same. If someone came to your house and try to do some work and it wasn't done properly, you'd get annoyed and basically try to get them to do it properly.

Revisiting an old friend: Daylite

Yesterday I spoke about being able to work when you're offline when you don't have an internet connection because I was on holiday, a lot of people are on holiday and they can't always work without the internet. Things like Google Drive and Dropbox, stuff like that.

Working from home vs Remote work

You may or may not know that last week I wasn't around and I was on a road trip to Portugal and kind of Spain. It's a long story, I'll save that for another time.

The grass is just fine

With the work that I do, I have to go and find a software solution, basically, any kind of solution, for my clients.

Giving value to time

I've been thinking past few days about giving value to time. Now we all talk about, our time... my time is valuable. Everyone's time is valuable, etc. But we don't actually really think about what that means.

It’s ok to be wrong

As business people who run businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small businesses, etc. We tend to know our business and what we do, but there are times when we take decisions.

Friday Fury: Whereby app

So today, I have a great treat for you today. It's Friday, Friday Fury. I just, I don't know where to begin. I'm going to show you a few things on my Mac as well.

This should scare you

Being in tech for as long as I have, I've seen so many, so many problems, everything from broken hard drives to lost data to stolen computers. And I'm still amazed to this day, after doing this for 30 years, why no one really takes care of their data.

Avoid the software trap

Things are starting to become more and more complicated with software and apps. And I've touched on this before, but what tends to happen is that apps and software companies tend to put in many features into the apps because they're constantly being asked for features.

How not to forget great ideas

If you're like me, you come up with a bunch of ideas. It doesn't matter where you are. You could be in the shower. You could be watching some weird Hollywood movie where you don't have to think about it.

Simplicity is hard

You and I, as professionals, know what we do. We know how to do it. We've worked so hard over the years to understand our clients and how we can help them. So we learn the craft, perfect the art, package it up, and offer our services to our clients. And that will work well.

You only need a Rolodex and some Post-its

If I told you there was a way to run your business with Rolodexes and Post-it notes, you'd think I was crazy. Right? Well, you'd be half right.

We learn from our mistakes

It's Friday, and one thing that's been going around in my mind this week has been failing. And how you can learn from your mistakes. Now I've been in business for a very, very, very long time.

Why I’m never busy

I talk about the importance of never being 'busy'. There are things that you need to do, and you're occupied with doing something, but using the word 'busy' and being busy all the time is never a good thing.

Happiness is time without friction

I talk a lot about simplicity and Tech Minimalism and everything to do to make life easier for yourself in the tech realm. You know, your working realm.

Be ruthless and say NO!

I have this love, hate relationship with social media. I hate it. But I do like it. Love is kind of a bit of a strong word. I do like it because I meet a lot of people there and I get my clients from there.

Time is your most valuable asset

So, if I asked you what your most valuable asset was while you were running your business, in your business, what would your answer be? I know what my answer is, and that's time. And I think a lot of people don't quite understand that.

Conversation with Mary Hamilton

After seeing one of Mary's posts and videos on LinkedIn, I know I had to make contact and have a conversation with her!

Conversation with Andra Zaharia

I met (link: https://twitter.com/AndraZaharia?ref=kiakamgar.com text: Andra target: blank), who’s a cybersecurity content marketer via Twitter, and I’ve been following her posts for a week or so. A few days before our Conversation she posted an article titled (link: https://peakfreelance.com/blog/protect-freelance-business/?ref=kiakamgar.com text: How to Protect Your Freelance Business from Cyberattacks and Fraud target: blank), it intrigued me. So I thought it would be great to have a Conversation with her.

Conversation with Jack Bingham

When I find a great app, I love to talk to the developers behind it. And if I find an issue, I really want to talk to the developers. And Jack is one of those developers.

Conversation with Chris Raroque

The last time I spoke to Chris was about a month ago. We met on Twitter and we spoke for about two and a half hours.

If you're liked by everyone, you're not being yourself

It's great to be liked by everyone around you. But if you're appeasing, how is that being genuine?

Conversation with Eldar Gezalov

I met Eldar him about last year, but I've been following him longer than that. He creates templates and courses for an app that I used to use.

Conversation with Paul Minors

I always like talking to (link: https://www.paulminors.com/?ref=kiakamgar.com text: Paul target: blank). Whenever I speak with him, I always get information that you don't see through his videos. And this Conversation is such an eye-opener on how he works. It's such a great conversation, so I hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it. Here's The Conversation.

Not everything has to be polished

I'm not too fond of slides. they take away from the story you're trying to convey, and they often don't look right. So for the past week, I was thinking of using slides. But in a way, that didn't take away from my story. A few weeks ago, I was invited to talk at the KREW Community of Creative Entrepreneurs. Even though I've been asked before, and in fact, I make videos and podcasts, this was my first actual talk. Yet, I was being asked by Marc for slides. He wasn't pushing for it, but with every message, there was a friendly prompt. I'm not too fond of slides. they take away from the story you're trying to convey, and they often don't look right. So for the past week, I was thinking of using slides. But in a way, that didn't take away from my story. Today, the day of the talk, I came up with a lo-fi version. I have been thinking about it in the past and used it in my videos when demoing apps on my phone. Why not share my iPhone screen, and point it to my website? After all, my website has all the information in the headings. Simple. This was my first 'slide'…‍

Every day should be a personal day

Some ask me why I send out my newsletter to my subscribers on a Friday. Well, other than the fact that the majority of the people taking my survey told me so. It's because every day should be a personal day.

Conversation with Guilherme Ferreira

In this conversation, we talk about, remote work and dogs. it's a great, fun conversation with lots of information great as well. In this conversation, we talk about, remote work and dogs. it's a great, fun conversation with lots of information great as well. So enjoy The Conversation.

Why is your name pronounced 'K'?

When we're young we all pretty much had nick-names. Some good, some bad and some definitely ugly. And I, unfortunately, fit into the last category.

We struggle

We struggle to keep our day free of distractions.‍ We struggle to find quality time for our loved ones.‍ We even struggle to find answers to easy questions.‍

It’s not working

We all get into a position where we think nothing’s working. I’ve been changing the way I work, and in the coming few months, I’m moving out of my comfort zone. So I reached out to find out who can help me. It’s ok to ask for help!

Evolve the way you work

Moving away from something you know can be challenging. But without trying something new, we fester and get annoyed with everything around us. So why not change your surroundings or the way you work?

Conversation with Elizabeth Pampalone

Elizabeth is one of those rare finds. She’s a marketing expert that knows exactly where the clients need to be and how to get here.

Practicality not Hope

You’ll never win the fight that marketers and salespeople are waging. So it would be best if you were more practical when you’re searching for that product or service. Because if you’re not practical, you’re just hoping something will stick.

Keep on going

It’s not easy to make content if you have no audience. And it’s definitely not easy if there’s no feedback, good or bad. But we make it because we enjoy it but mainly because we hope that someone out there benefits somehow.

Put your own mask on first

As business professionals and humans, we always have the urge to help someone, and that’s never a bad thing. However, there’s a reason why on planes, they tell you to put on your own mask first before helping someone else.

Choose process over tools

If you don’t have a clear process, you’ll find yourself constantly changing tools without understanding why your workflow isn’t working for you. Creating a clear process for your business will help you simplify and scale.

Conversation with Sebestian Ong

Sebestian is a digital and social marketer and strategist as well as a LinkedIn expert who I’ve been getting a bunch of great nuggets of information via his LinkedIn posts and interactions.

Take time to absorb

There is too much information out there, and all we seem to do is scan, skip and glaze at information. We need to take time to read, absorb and learn from what we’re consuming. Otherwise, we’re just wasting time.

Milestones matter more

Looking at a list of tasks for a project with no context can cause a lot of anxiety. So why would anyone create all the tasks before a project has even started? Wouldn’t it be best to make them as you work on the project?

Friday Fury: I’m off to pick tomatoes in Spain

Is there anyone out there? Are you listening? Did you understand? Do you need any help? Shall I explain it again? Is this clear enough? Oh wow, maybe I should just go and pick tomatoes in Spain!

Be mindful with your time

The ability to spend your time the way you need to is a superpower, and many don’t quite understand it. And if you give away any of that power to someone else, your day can become a mess.

Multitasking isn’t good for anyone

We all love to be able to get a bunch of work done on any given day, but have you thought about how much of an energy-suck multitasking is? And do you really get more done? Personally, I think you’re losing focus, and not much gets done over time.

Pay it forward

Have you ever thought, "This should have been a Podcast!" I know I have!‍ I've had so many GREAT conversations with so many different people.

Remote work is just a fad

The ability to work remotely isn’t just for the employees to drink margaritas on the beach. It’s for your business to offer work to the most talented from all over the world. So if your tech isn’t ready, your business is going to lose out.

They can’t fix every problem

Over the weekend, I pondered the claim “We’re here to fix the problem of…” that some SaaS/software companies try to peddle. I don’t buy it, because they don’t know MY problem as they haven’t worked with me.

Stop paying for nothing

More often than not, I find many paying for software and services they don't use or make use of. They're simply too 'busy' worrying about choosing 'the right one' due to FOMO that nothing fits their workflow and wasting money in the process.

Life shouldn’t be incidental

Enjoying life is what it’s all about, right? Well, if you make life more of a priority than your work, then yes. However, I’ve found that many make their life incidental to their work. And that, to me, is a wasted life.

Simplicity isn’t for everyone

Do you crave simplicity? It's one of those questions that's replied with a 'yes', but often, the actual answer is 'no'. As strange as that sounds, this is precisely how some prospective clients see it when it comes to simplifying their tech and IT.

Do you value your time?

Time is something we all don’t have much of, even though we think we do. So why would you not value your time? Talking to my clients it seems this simple question has often resulted in the wrong answer.

Is it vanity, metrics or both?

I'm not for metrics, never have been, although there was a time, many moons ago, that I wanted to know everything that happened on my site. But looking at the numbers gave me anxiety!

The right tools for success

Having data and communication all over the place can make you feel unproductive and, at times, anxious. I know because this is how I felt when I started coaching, but with Basecamp, I was able to tame and have a single source of truth.

The pressures of making daily videos

If you're a follower, you're probably aware that I produce videos for my business, but I'm often asked about how I'm able to make them daily.

IT doesn’t care about you

Having someone between you and your IT person is vital in ensuring the process you build for your business is implemented with the right tools and services you need to make a smooth transition into your new workflow.

More tech isn’t the answer

Yesterday I had a meeting with a prospective client, and we were discussing how I could help them with Basecamp. He contacted me because I'm a Basecamp guy, and he wanted help because he... it's one of the tools he's using.

How much data do you need?

We collect, gather and hoard way too much data that we need to. Have you thought about the impact it’s having on our mental state? And the energy we use to keep data that we will probably never need or use?

When you know your audience...

This is an ongoing theme with online marketing, and I've come to realise I need to adhere to this rule, because my content marketing, emails and the things I post have been all over the place, even though it's still tech-related.

Great podcast about managing client expectations

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever let your clients dictate your working hours. Set your daily work hours, just like a business should and always does, and close your doors at the time.

I love hearing from people, but...

We all love human interaction. The warmth of the voice, the glee we feel when we're wanted. But at what cost?!

Copywriting done right

Basecamp is a company I follow very closely, not only because I use their products, like Basecamp & HEY, but for their amazing knack for writing copy that draws you into the product, and makes you understand it quickly, with no sales-y' BS!

Playing chess with technology

Getting the right workflow takes time and thought, just like playing chess. You need to understand your opponent (the Mac and tech you use) and win by understanding your needs; otherwise, you’ll lose.

Build the right foundation

This past week I’ve been talking about privacy, security and ways to keep your data secure on your Mac. The best way to do this is to start as soon as you get your device and create the right foundation before using your device.

Can your Mac get a virus?

If you give access to something you don’t understand, then yes, your Mac might get a virus. However, if you’re vigilant and know what or who is asking to access your Mac, then you’ll be safe.

Keeping your Mac secured

There’s one feature on your Mac that doesn’t get talked about, and that’s FileVault. It’s a feature built into your Mac that can keep your Mac data secure and safe, in this video, I’ll explain how you can activate it.

Protecting your email privacy

Just by using email, you could be leaking a ton of personal information that you’re not aware of. Stopping these email trackers is one thing that you need to be thinking about and taking very seriously.

Never reuse your password

The best way to stay safe and secure is to make sure you never reuse your password. It doesn’t matter if you put an extra digit at the end, or adding a number, if your passwords are similar you may still run the risk of being hacked.

Keeping your passwords safe

Keeping your passwords safe should be high on your list when it comes to your tech. Unfortunately, I’ve seen some very inventing, alas not so secure, ways my clients file their passwords.

Don’t fear simplicity

Fear is a good thing, but often it’s a misguided feeling when you know deep down that it’s the fear that’s pulling you back from progressing from the position you're currently in.

Am I a Tech Communist?

When someone says something, you have to listen, and in today’s video, I talk about being called a Tech Communist. Not something I thought about, but it’s not far from the truth and makes a lot of sense.

Adapt or die

Don’t be left behind, holding on to your idea of what’s right. Look around, learn and understand what your needs are. And get started on getting to your ultimate goal but adapting your way of working.

Does it ‘fit’ you?

It's not often that you send back clothes after you've bought them, but when you do, there's a good reason why you did. Maybe it wasn't the right fit for you. Well, software is no different, so don't waste your time on them.

Make IT transferable

Making things simple for yourself is the best way to create time. So making things transferable and reproducible will help you minimise your frustrations.

Know where your data is

Help is available if we know what the issue is and how to resolve it together. Unfortunately, it seems that some don’t know where things are, so it makes it really difficult to fix what needs to be done simply.

Less is always an option

After speaking with a few clients today, one of them gave me a soundbite that made so much sense as to what I do and what I’m trying to convey that I thought I’d share it.

Free isn't always free

We know the saying ‘if it’s free, you’re the product’ but did you also know that just because you’re using a free email service you wouldn’t be paying for it in some other way?

Software is the new drug

If you’re not careful with picking the right apps and tools to use, personally or within your business, you might find yourself hooked on software that you can’t reliably get away from.

Minimal effort, maximum output

Well are all lazy and want an easy way to do things and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. So, use it to your advantage when looking for the right tools and apps to help with your workflow.

The power of less

Being intentional is a superpower when it comes to staying focused. And ‘the power of less’ is something I teach all my clients to help with that idea when it comes to their tech.

Simplicity with multiple tools

The idea that one tool can help you and your business to get things done is something that can ruin your workflow. They do exist, but they don't do anyone right.

The power of 'NO'

The more you say ‘YES’ to things, the less time you have to yourself. It’s not always good to accept new projects, tools or favours you do because that will inevitably suck the time you have for yourself.

Laziness is the best ROI

It’s never a good idea to call yourself ‘lazy’, but sometimes it’s the best way to explain the way you work and how you can help your clients to become more efficient and focused.

Backing up explained

Many make the mistake of thinking that just having data on iCloud that it's 'backed up' but that's far from the truth. So I'll be going over the best ways to back up your data, so everything is safe and sound.

Be nice and smile

There are many things Apple doesn’t do right, but now and again they pull through, and being friendly and smiling will always help you get them on your side. So there was good news for me when I visited the Apple store yesterday!

Once it's gone, it's gone

For the past few years, Apple has created smaller MacBooks; with that, the SSDs have also gotten smaller. But now the SSD, RAM and CPU are on one chip, so if your Mac dies, your data does too!

iCloud is not a backup

Many make the mistake of thinking that just using iCloud will save them from data loss. This is a huge mistake. iCloud is a syncing service and not a backup service.

All is not lost

Losing your Mac is hard, but losing your data is unimaginable. On Friday, My brand new MacBook Air M1 died on me and even though I was initially angry, frustrated and upset, I realised that my data was safe!

Limiting your inboxes

In this live stream replay, I go through what an 'inbox' means to me and how it can save you time so you can be even more productive by limiting them.

Storm before the calm

Once the storm is out of the way, the calming starts, even though that's not quite how the saying goes, It's something to consider when it comes to the adoption of new technology or a new workflow.

Don't be set in your ways

Doing the same thing repeatedly thinking ‘this is fine’ isn’t going to help you be more productive. It’s only going to slow you down and get you frustrated more than you think.

Riding the wrong wave

We often follow others blindly when it comes to choosing our apps and services. But you should be very cautious of riding the wrong wave when you’re picking the tools for you and your business.

Embrace your weaknesses

The more you fail, the more you learn. So embracing your weaknesses can and will make your strengths even stronger.

Moving forward

In this live stream, I go over the shit-storm that has been in 2020, specifically how it's affected everyone in the tech space. Also, I go over the mistakes I've made and how I will be moving forward.

Is it time to stop using Zoom?

In the stream, I'll be going over a few alternatives and how you can easily remove Zoom from being your default app for remote meetings.

Apple M1 Powered MacBook Air 2020

Livestream on December 15, 2020, at 13:00 talking about the Apple M1 MacBook Air and Tech Minimalism.

How to simplify your iPhone for a better workflow

Last week I wrote about how to simplify your desktop. This week, I’ll be walking through my iPhone setup and showing you it’s also possible to simplify that too.

OMG, I love my clients!

I'm so humbled to receive a message like this, so I just had to share it!

Friday Fury: Your business

Are you in control of your business processes? Well, you might find out that you’re probably not. Maybe something needs to change so you can take back control.

Finding the right tools can be hard

Bouncing between tools to try and find that magic unicorn feature doesn’t help with anything other than a headache and a loss of momentum. Trust me, I know I’m guilty of this, but I have an excuse… I think.

Sack your rigid agenda and live your life

Working for yourself is great, but often I find people so stuck to a rigid timetable that makes them miserable. So why bother working for yourself when you don’t have the freedom you wanted?

Quick update

Finally was able to get access to my MacJunky YouTube channel. Long story, so I won't bore you with the details.

Humans are creatures of bad habits

Fixing a bad habit is one of the hardest things you can do. You have first to realise you have a bad habit, then seek a way to, well, fix it. But often humans don’t bother crossing that final line for many reasons.

Friday Fury: Password security

I’m still baffled as to why people (companies and individuals) yet haven’t grasped the fact that using a simple password, or even worse, using the same password for multiple accounts is a bad thing.

Bouncing between tools won’t help

We’ve all been guilty of this, me more than others. But bouncing between tools, apps and services in search of new shiny things, won’t help you focus on what needs to get done.

What's Tech Minimalism

In recent weeks, I’ve been getting messages asking me what ‘Tech Minimalism’ was, so I thought I’d make today’s episode into a short explanation for you all.

Talking about, backup again!

I may sound like a broken record about backing up your data, but it’s so important. So today I’ll bring you a sad story about a client’s data loss after they didn’t implement the advice I gave them three months ago.

Step back and take a top-down view to fix things

Often you need to step back from a situation to be able to fix it properly. This is also true with the way you work. Stepping back isn’t a sign of failure; it’s a sign that you understand the issue and need to tackle it differently.

Email automation isn’t for everyone

Automation can be a good thing, but for your email, not so much. It’s fine to automate one or two things, but if you use automation too much, you can get lost in a sea of ‘inboxes’.

Organising your Apple Mail workflow

Your email app and workflow should be as boring as you can make it. Why? Because having a boring email experience will make you do what you need to do with your email and get out as soon as possible.

Friday Fury: Do listen, don’t listen

It’s always good to listen to experts, but don’t be fooled into being forced into a new workflow if it’s not right for you. But to listen to the advice they give to see what will work within your system.

If you lose your Mac, would you be worried?

Losing your MacBook is not fun, but you can replace it. It’s the data that’s more important and something you need to think about more. Here’s a story of one of my clients.

Where I stand on email tracking and security

Today will be the last day I use tracking on my email newsletter because I don’t believe anyone needs to know that much information about you or anyone else.

Don't get press-ganged into working their way

Have you noticed there are a bunch of ‘productivity gurus’ that force you into using their ‘system’ but never talk with you about your current workflow?

Sometimes it's ok to have nothing

I keep talking about the Paradox of Choice, and I’ve been hit by it today. So today, I have nothing.

Friday Fury: HEY

In today's Friday Fury episode, we're going to look at HEY (The email service from Basecamp) and go through some of the issues it has with workflow.

First look at HEY email service

In today's episode, I look at HEY, the new email service/platform by the makers of Basecamp. it's pretty impressive.

Security and virus protection for your Mac starts with you

Your Mac is only as happy as how you treat it. So if it gets infected with a virus or you find some malware on it, it's probably you that caused it.

Listening to your gut feelings

Your gut feelings are there for a reason, and sometimes you have to listen to them when it's telling you something isn't quite right.

Work on your own flow, don't copy

If you find a workflow, you like and simply copy it, you might find it won't work for you. Your workflow should be something you come up with, not a copy of someone else's.

Friday Fury: Complications

In the many years, I've been a technical consultant, I've come across so many situations that have been so complicated, so convoluted, and so confusing that I've found myself thinking if I don't understand this stuff, how on earth will the client understand it?!

How to choose the best Apple device to buy

Buying a new Apple device can be daunting, and buying a second-hand device can be even more so. But one thing that often gets missed out when looking for a device is its age.

You need to cut the noise

To cut through the noise, you need to step back and figure out where it's coming from, then create a plan to dampen or better still, eliminate the noise coming from the lack of framework.

What was your best onboarding experience?

Onboarding is a very important step when welcoming a new team member or a new client. So getting this right can help smoothen the start of your project.

Work-life balance?

For as long as I can care to remember, I've never had a 'work-life balance'. I've always just had 'Life'. The work part is something that's only been incidental to my life, not the other way around.

Friday Fury: Service providers

In today's instalment of Friday Fury, I talk about how getting support from some companies can be like pulling your teeth out with a hammer and string!

More tech. More problems.

Simplicity is the way to go when it comes to the Tech you use. Whether it's for personal use or if you're in a business or team. In today's episode, I go through why having more Tech would mean less output.

How are you feeling today?

Today's Weekly Wednesday newsletter was sent, and the response has been, well, pretty amazing! It just goes to show that simplicity does work.

This could be why your Mac running slow

So, how is your Mac doing? This week, I've already had two clients of mine with the same issue: Slow Mac! In this episode I walk through why your Mac might be running slow, and how to resolve it so you can have a new fresh Mac back on your desk... or lap ;-)

Descript is an app that’ll be a game changer for your podcast or video

Descript is an app I found a few days ago that will be making my episodes even better.

Friday Fury: Tech

Things in the Tech space annoy me, and I’m guessing they annoy you too. So welcome to my new segment called Friday Fury!

How to use Apple Mail, Things 3 and Basecamp together‍

In today’s video, I’ll go over how I use Apple Mail, Things 3 and Basecamp in my workflow. This is how they help me get to inbox zero with my email, have my ‘assistant’ (Things 3) to notify me of what needs to be done, and how I use Basecamp with my clients and email info organisation.

How to use email with your task or project manager

I had a question via my site about how to use emails with a task manager, however, I never got a name or any contact details, so I thought I’d make a video to explain it.

Organising your email with a task or project manager

In yesterday’s episode, I went over how to organise your messy email with a Task or Project Manager, but I’ve been getting messages as to how one should do it. In today’s episode, I’ll go over how you should be doing this.

How messy is your email inbox?

Believe it or not, it’s straightforward to fix your email woes. All you need to do is to get rid of all your folders and make sure your inbox is empty. Yeah I know, I make it sound easy, but in this episode, I’ll explain what I mean and how it’s possible.

Limitations are good for productivity

Limiting your tech stack, limiting your apps, and limiting your workflow will help you focus rather than multitask on several tasks at once.

Let’s talk about backing up, again!

How many times do I have to talk about backing up in my episodes? Well, I’ll keep doing it until I make people understand how important it is and that they don’t need to lose data if only they did things properly.

Stop staring at that blank sheet of paper and go for a walk

There are times I have a complete mental block and can’t get anything done, so I go for a walk with Woof! my dog.

Using Notion for social media outreach (mini CRM)

Yesterday I was doing some outreach on LinkedIn and needed to take notes on whom I had contacted.

Stop wasting your time searching for a solution

I talk about my Membership site quite often, not only because it’s me trying to market it and sell it to you, but it’s me trying to make you understand that it can save you hours of headache.

Great conversations can teach you many new things

Today I had a group Zoom call about De-Stressing Remote Work, and it turned into such a great and relaxed conversation that I felt it was a great resource to share.

How I make my daily videos

Making daily videos is only a chore and complicated because you make it so. If you simplify your workflow, why would it be complicated? If you enjoyed the process, why would it be a chore?

Are you doing IT right?

Mistakes, we all make them and more often than not, we rectify them.

You’re not going to be productive if you’re always in meetings!

I’ve always felt that meetings sucked, and I did pretty much anything I could to not go to any, as I felt they were a waste of time and nothing got accomplished.

Your workshop could be in danger if…

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in a remote session on a call and your audio dropping out all the time, or the video freezes etc?

Calming your communication with Basecamp

Having a calm workflow will help with the communication between you and your team or client. Why? Because it’ll help you communicate with context about the project, so nothing gets lost in a ‘conveyor belt’ of instant messages or email threads, that often get lost.

Not all routines are good routines

For me, routines suck! Whether it’s a personal one or a work-related one. I think living by (some) routines that are baked into what you do is not what I call living life. Life should be spontaneous and alive, and having a routine, I believe breaks that freedom.

Membership launch!

I’m so excited to launch my Membership program! I’ve been working on it for a while now in beta and it’s being received really well, so today I’d like to share the launch with you.

Switching to a new app isn’t going to help you

How many times have you switched app only to find it's not helping you with simplifying your workflow? I see clients move from app to app only to be annoyed that it's not doing what they want. But that's the problem, what you want it's what you need. You need to work on your workflow before hunting out a new app because you think it has the magic to help you.

Don’t get blinded by cost, look for the benefits

You get what you pay for. How many times have you heard that?! Yep, loads I bet. Well, I made a mistake by looking at the cost of something I bought as it was cheap and never paid attention to the (lack of) benefits and now I’m pissed!

Achieve more in your life by simplifying

Me? A poet? NOPE! But hey, I think it makes sense, let me explain it a little…

Do you suffer from FOMO?

It’s a known fact that being an internet user or working on your own can cause you to have the age-old syndrome: FOMO. At times it feels that we ‘need’ to know everything about what’s going on, but as I explained in yesterday's episode, it’s just a distraction taking focus away from what you’re doing.

Create a distraction-free environment

Just the idea of being distracted should send shivers down your spine. Not only does it take you away from the work you’re doing at that time, but it takes away even more time as you have to get back ‘in the zone’ after the distraction. I used to get distracted with emails, messages and voicemails with ‘can I ask you a quick question’, but I found a solution to this where I now never get distracted and the person asking gets the time and proper answer.

Automation is a blessing and a curse

Automation is functional, but only if you use it sparingly. I found myself drowning in a lot of automated systems, and I found I wasn't able to breathe, so I stripped it all back and started again, and it felt great!

Happy King's day 2020!

It's a bank holiday here in Amsterdam, so today's video is cancelled! Well Kinda.

Basecamp: The Footnotes

This is the last video in my Basecamp series that I made this week, where I'm walking through a few features I'd like to touch on that are great features that complement the tools within Basecamp.

Basecamp: The Tools

How many apps and tools do you use in the running of your business or project? You'll find you can minimise your tool stack and simplify it all by understanding what it is you need. In this episode, I walk through how Basecamp can be the replacement for many of the tools you're using.

Basecamp: The Permissions

In this episode, I walk through Basecamp permissions and how simple they are when adding team members and outside collaborators and clients.

Basecamp: The Reasons

In today's Basecamp video, I walk through 3 features that I think make Basecamp an excellent tool for Tech Minimalism and how these features can calm your workflow.

Basecamp: The Philosophy

In today's video, I talk about the reasons I chose Basecamp to run my business on, but also some background on how Tech Minimalism and Basecamp can be used to simplify your workflow.

Creating calmness at work is easy if you know how

Today I saw an article by SpriteCloud and the tools they use for Remote Work, and it intrigued me as I know the CEO Andrew and respect his work. They listed the tool stack they use to do their work, and I have a few thoughts on it, so as a response I made this episode to talk about their list and how it could be improved to help with calmness in the workplace. (link: https://www.spritecloud.com/remote-working-strategy?ref=kiakamgar.com text: Click here target: blank) for the SpriteCloud article.

Backing up is not only for your data

Having a backup of your data is not enough. You need to start thinking about backup tools too. Before recording, today’s episode something happened where I wasn’t able to make it, but as I had thought about this in the past I moved over to my backup solution, let me explain…

Productivity isn’t what you're told it is

Have you ever found yourself buying into an app to help you ‘become more productive’ only to find you get even more annoyed than you were initially? Yeah, tell me about it! I’ve done this, I’ve seen it and heard it from a ton of clients. The issue isn’t the ‘productivity’ part; it’s the lack of understanding from the seller of said app or tool about your personal workflow and how YOU work.

Tame your iPhone notifications with Tech Minimalism

Do you ever find yourself picking up your iPhone and getting annoyed by all the notifications, red numbered circle on all the apps and a bunch of banners messing with your mojo? Yeah, I know what it feels like. Well, just turn them off! In this video, I walk through how Tech Minimalism has helped me to tame my notifications on my iPhone and how it’s helped me calm my iPhone usage.

Organising your iPhone with Tech Minimalism

The idea of Tech Minimalism is to rid yourself of the technology that’s in the way of what you need to do. So in today’s episode, I show you how I use Tech Minimalism to organise my iPhone and how I can get to the items I need in a fraction of the time. If you’re a Podcast listener, then I would strongly suggest you watch the video with the link below, as you will probably gain more insight when you’re watching the demonstration rather than listening to it.

Tech Minimalism: Fixing Your Email Workflow - Lesson 1/5

In this first video, I'll show you how to simplify, organise and navigate your email.

Tech Minimalism: Keeping It All In Sync - Lesson 4/5

In this video, we'll go through keeping it all in sync and show you how on an iPhone.

Tech Minimalism: Organising Your Documents - Lesson 2/5

In this video, we'll go through how simplifying your files and documents can be really easy.

Tech Minimalism: Utilising a Task Manager - Lesson 3/5

Using a task manager can help you with more than just being organised.

Tech Minimalism: Working Better Remotely - Lesson 5/5

In today's lesson, we'll go through keeping it all in sync and show you how on an iPhone.

Your ideas should be put into practice

Running a business is hard, and having good ideas to make your business successful is even harder. However, if you have a gut feeling you have a great idea, then put it into practice! You’ll be amazed at the number of great people around you that could help formulate that idea and give you valuable advice so you can develop it and put it in to practice.

Does your business run on a solid foundation?

No matter the size of your business, if you don’t have a solid foundation for your IT, then you’re asking for trouble. It’s quite simple to fix your ‘foundation’, but I often find managers at businesses who say things like: “I have a designer that knows a little IT, and he said…’ Yeah, I also know a gardener who can cut my hair, but do you think I’d let him do it?!? The foundation of any part of your business is as important as the next. If you don’t give it enough attention, or worse still, get an unqualified person to provide you with advice, then there is no foundation on which to build your business.

Don’t be in the wrong room

I don’t consider myself to be a fanboy in any shape or form, but when I learn something from someone I respect and love the work they do, it might come just across that way.

Time waits for no one

Enjoy your life and stop worrying about the wrong things and fix the amount of time you waste in your life by getting more organised and less wasteful with your time.

I’m very proud to announce...

After months of thinking about it, endless days trying to figure out what it should be about and countless Red Bulls, cigars, shots of whiskey, bars of chocolate, (some of that is a lie, I’ll you figure out what ones), I’ve managed to put together a great Tech Minimalism Video Course!

Being ‘productive’ doesn’t mean what you think it means

The word ‘Productivity’ is not something I like to use, not because I don’t think people should be productive, but I think it’s being overused and for the wrong reasons.

The killer features that help

When I’m using an app, or better still, when I’m searching for an app to use, I always look for that killer feature.

Things can always be improved

There is this tendency to just work, work, work and not step back to understand why we're working 27 hours a day! I put this down to not improving the steps you take to run your business efficiently or anything else for that matter. Improving your workflow and the way your business operates can and will help you iron out the issues and make things better in the long run.

Do workshops work?

Today, I did some research on how others did their workshops online, and I was amazed! It's so simple, so 'virtual' and I learned a BUNCH of stuff on topics I was interested in. I'm planning to do a virtual workshop, so I'd love to know If you'd be interested in a Tech Minimalism Workshop.

You get what you pay for

I often hear from my clients that adding yet another subscription to use a tool for their business is getting to a tipping point, and to an extent, I agree. However, what they don’t think bout is how much time they waste by tot choosing the right app or service. As I said, you get what you pay for, and if you want smoother and less friction when working with your clients, then it’s time to think more about how the tools are going to help you rather than the cost.

Now is the time to work on your business

If you’re working in your business and find you have no time for anything other than client work, then you might need to start thinking about working on your business. We often forget why we became freelancers or business owners. We did it because we wanted more time for ourselves. However, this has gone by the wayside due to working all the hours given to us. I believe the main reason for this is the lack of workflows and systems to help you auto-magicly!

Should you use Basecamp or Notion?

Both Basecamp and Notion are amazing apps. However, they do things quite differently, and if you're thinking between the two, I know what I would choose. With today's rush for working remotely, we don't have the time to 'play' with tools and apps. We need to get a tool that works for us out of the box. In today's episode, I do a quick walkthrough of what I think is the best choice.

This helped me overcome one of my fears

Overcoming your fears is not an easy thing to do, but there are always people who can help you with whatever you’re fighting with. Recently we have all been pretty much confined to our homes. However, we still need to work. Remote work is a massive deal at the moment, but some are finding it hard to do video calls due to not being comfortable being in front of a camera, for one reason or another.

Having 15 spoons isn’t necessary

A few weeks ago, I made a 'Reset' video going through and resetting my tools and the apps I use to run my business. But with the crisis at the moment, I started thinking more about my personal life, and the quote I use for my business; How much is enough? In this episode, I talk about how I started thinking that less is definitely more in terms of what you need to live, and maybe it’s time we all start thinking about 'How much is enough?'

My thoughts on online courses & ‘help’ articles

Online courses and ‘help’ articles are all over the internet. However, they don’t always help (at least 99% of them) are virtual ’stings’ to sell you something else. If you want to sell you a product, sell it, don’t hide behind the ‘help’ article or post saying you want to help people when all you’re doing is just selling your product.

Do you have backup tools?

Backing up is vital to make sure you don’t lose any data but have you thought about a backup of the tools you use in your business? I was caught out yesterday with being locked out of my Zoom account, so I wasn’t able to do any Remote Work with it. However, I do have a backup service I can use, so it’s always good to think about having a backup of your Tool Stack too.

Your clients should not jump through hoops

If you’re running a business, you need to make sure that your clients and prospective clients, can get a hold of you without having to jump through hoops. Today I had an issue with my Zoom account, and I’m not able to contact them as I need to be signed in to do so! WHAT?! See the problem here?

Too much choice can be a burden

The amount of times I’ve seen a client with a bunch of duplicated apps is insane. There is way too much choice to think clearly about what needs to be done. So wouldn’t it be best to minimise your apps to be more focused?

Why black & white? It’s all about simplicity

To do things quickly, efficiently and well, I like to do things simply. Recently I was asked why I make my videos in Black and White, so I thought I’d respond in the best way I know how by making a video explaining it all.

Beware of people selling snake oil disguised as 'remote work' advice

In times of desperation and needing expert advice, you need to worry about the credentials of the person giving you the information. At this moment, I see way too much wrong information is being 'freely' given out disguised as 'free help' to hook you into the crap they're trying to sell to you.

If you need Tech or IT help through this crisis, just ask

The weekend is upon us, and the situation around the globe isn’t getting any better. There are a ton of businesses feeling the pinch, by either lack of work or having to stay home and remote working. Hopefully, your company has an IT department to help in this situation obviously, but for those who work on their own and don’t have a Tech/IT department, I’d like to offer my services, even over the weekend. So if you need any help with your Mac, Or anything related to Remote Work, just ask, and I’ll do my best to help where I can.

Don’t follow the 'remote work' hype blindly

So the newfound ‘hype’ or Remote Work is getting out of hand with this coronavirus (COVID-19) issue the world is having.

What’s on my iPhone - March 2020

I was asked to do an episode on the apps I use on my iPhone and how it’s all set up, so here you go.

The importance of being poor

The more we have, the more problems we have to deal with. This is true in all areas of our lives. Just because your technology is the newsiest, the one with the most features or has won awards, doesn’t mean it will work for you. In today’s episode, I share a personal story, about how the experience helped me understand the importance of being poor, having nothing, and how it helped me realise that less is more.


If you’re like me, you probably have pushed the reset button a few times. Doing a reset, personally or professionally, is one of the best things you could do to help you find clarity. So for my 100th video, I want to share what I have reset in my work and personal life so that you can see how freeing it can be.

Be your own client, then simplify

When you’re your own client, you often find things within your tool stack you never use or need. So in the past few weeks, I went through my system to figure out what I could get removed and what I could enhance to better my workflow and simplify it all.

Start paying attention to the remote work conversation

Remote Work isn’t a fad, it’s one area of your business that you need to start paying attention to. The talent you’re employing could be of much better calibre if you start casting your net wider. However, if your Tech & IT isn’t up-to-date or you don’t have the right framework for remote work, then now is the time to start thinking about it.

Perfectionism is not your friend

I’ve been a perfectionist for as long as I remember and it’s not been a great asset to have. On the one hand, it’s good to perfect something you’re working on, but on the other, it can take weeks or even months to create something you’re dying to get out there. But if you wait too long, the ship will sail, and you could lose out.

Email is not the problem

After reading a post in a group I’m involved with, it got me thinking about Email and the services out there trying to help you organise. I find this is the wrong way to look at it. It’s not Email that’s the problem, it’s you and your organisation of it.

Don’t be Norm

In the TV show Cheers, there was Norm, he sat on the same stool, drank the same beer, and did the same thing day after day. He seemed to enjoy his life, but we as a viewer saw a person who was boring and just did the same thing over and over again. Don’t be Norm.

Do you use a password manager?

The number of times I have a client who gets annoyed they have a virus, been hacked or have malware infecting their Macs is getting beyond stupid. However, when you ask them if they have a password manager to keep their digital life safe, they all pretty much have the same answer… No!

Remote work can help your business thrive

In recent times 'Remote Work' has become vital to the smooth running of a business. Not only does it help with staff morale and flexibility, but it's enabled developers to solve problems for small businesses with tools and services that make them deliver better work.

Beware of the 'Digital Transformation' buzzword

The latest buzzword is Digital Transformation that’s going around and being used as a marketing tool for selling technology that businesses don’t need. Tech & IT guys like me have been doing this kind of thing for years and know what the client actually needs. Today’s episode is yet another rant about how some companies and consultants know nothing about doing the work and what the client needs by selling Tech to line their pockets.

Stop losing business due to lack of communication

Communication is one of the significant parts of your business! If it breaks down, either with your staff or your client, then bad things will happen. You could lose money, your client’s trust and even staff morale. Is it worth it?

I’ve had enough! I’m just WAY too busy!

Yep, sorry, I just don’t have the time! How many times have you said that to yourself, a colleague or a friend? I bet it's way more than you think it is. I’m an avid believer that no one on the planet should EVER be busy. The notion of always being busy is so alien to me that it makes me mad, annoyed and sad to hear that people as always so busy that they don’t have time to do the things they love to do in their lives.

How to organise files & folders with tags on your Mac

After analysing my folder structure, I found there was something I wasn’t able to do. But after taking a step back and looking at what I needed to accomplish, I found that Apple had a fantastic feature that I have overlooked all these years… TAGS!

Using a calendar vs a task manager

I’ve started seeing a ton of videos online about using a calendar and ditching your task manager by so-called productivity gurus, and it’s annoying the hell out of me. So I thought I’d respond with what I think is wrong with that so-called great idea!

People confuse simple with easy

It’s funny to think people confuse simple with easy. I’ve said this before, but trying to be simple, is very hard to accomplish. Think about all the simple songs, ads and things around you. Just because you think they are simple doesn’t mean they’re simple to do or accomplish.

How to organise your iCloud files

I’m often asked about file organisation on iCloud and on my client’s Macs, so in today's epidote, I walk through my system and show you my personal framework on file organisation that should help you get more organised.

iCloud and how to backup your data properly

I’m still seeing people use iCloud as a backup solution and it’s a big mistake! In this episode, I’ll go through my thoughts on iCloud. Also, give you tips on how to back up the data on your Mac and your iCloud account.

Things 3: My task manager of choice and how I use it

Finding the right tool is paramount to getting things done thought your life or business, so when it was time to re-organise my workflow and framework, I stripped it all back and decided to go back to simplify.

Will doing the opposite of what you’re currently doing work?

If doing the same thing over and over again isn’t giving you the results you need, maybe it’s time to do the complete opposite! In today’s episode, I’ll share a clip from Seinfeld that I’m sure will change the way you think about your life, business and frameworks in general.

Stop forgetting things, use a task manager

If you’re not using a task manager to help you throughout your day, then you’re missing out! Here are some tips and reasons why using a task manager will help you organise your life to free up your time.

Choose your tools wisely

Having a bunch of wrong tools, apps and services, won’t only waste your time, but it can also be a pain to organise. In this episode, I go over some issues that choosing the wrong tools can have on your productivity and how to solve the difference between wanting and needing the right tools.

Simplify your Mac

If you're fighting with your Mac and fed up with not having a good system that just works, then this is going to help. In this 2-hour session, we'll go over your current system together and issues and find a way to minimise your tech frustrations and maximise your Mac organisation!

Can this new tool from Basecamp help with your email organisation?

Yesterday Jason Fried, the Founder & CEO of Basecamp, Tweeted about a new email service called Hey which will be released in April.

Trust your workflow, not the app!

I’m always talking about trusting and creating the right process, the proper workflow, the right system and stop fighting to show-horn working with an app that should not and will not work for what you need it to do. Well, today was a day where I had a ‘discussion’ with a new developer looking for feedback regarding a new app they want to create. In this episode, I give you details of what happened.

Getting out of your comfort zone - short MacJunky history

It's not an easy task to leave your comfort zone, but you'll be glad you did and wish you did it earlier. In today's episode, I share my story of leaving my comfort zone and changing how MacJunky, as a business, is now succeeding in a slightly different area of business due to me making a leap of faith and leaving my comfort zone for the better!

Failure is not something you should worry about

You don’t start a task or project because you’re scared of failure not because of the outcome. We too often put things off for another day or procrastinate way too much, again, not because we’re scared of the outcome, but the failure we think it will be by our peers. Stop thinking failure is a bad thing because often the fact that we fail makes you a stronger person and you learn from those ‘mistakes’.

Are you wasting time with your Mac?

A lot of my clients tend to get frustrated with their Macs and the Tech they have, but often it’s self-inflicted. In this episode, I explain what I mean and give you some tips on how to utilise your technology for the better.

How to create a simple filing structure that works

Having a workable system or workflow is hard to come by. But if you step back and understand what would make your filing structure better, then you can efficiently work towards making it happen. In today's episode, I go over some tips that could make it easier.

Asking for help is never a bad thing

It should be evident that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It's a quest for information to find a better way, no matter the subject. Recently I asked for help with an issue that I couldn't understand. It was such a simple answer and solution that it made me realise the power of keeping things simple.

What's the #NoCode movement and how can it help you?

Doing things simply and efficiently is pretty much intertwined with anything I do. Finding shortcuts, tips and tools to help me accomplish my tasks quickly is like Christmas! The #NoCode movement is something that’s been going on for a while now. It’s a simple way to build software (and other digital things) without writing code. So as I like to minimise my workflow, I also wanted a way to simplify how my website was built & maintained. Then I found Webflow, and now I can build my site visually and also never have issues with hacks, slow pages and not worry that it’ll look crap.

So how safe is your data?

In a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday the topic of data storage and how cloud services like iCloud Drive, G Suite & Dropbox should be used. The issue that came up was backing up all the data and the best way to use them to get organised.

What not to do when choosing the right tools

There’s always a moment of weakness, a voice in the back of your mind saying; ‘go on do it!’ However, no matter how outrageous the thought is, you will probably go with the flow, only to realise it was the wrong thing to do. But hopefully, you did learn from the ordeal. Right?

Fewer complications lead to more time

It's mathematics, pure and simple. If we complicate things, we end up having to deal with so much crap that we end up wasting time. You must have, at some point thought: ‘Why is my time wasted by meaningless chores and annoyances?’ So why not step back, re-group your thoughts and make an action plan on how to fix the issue?

You’re not alone, everybody hates change

In this episode, I share a personal story of how I faced one of my fears and overcame it, and it helped me understand that change, however big or small, can be a great thing! Not one single person I ever speak to likes change. People in general, like routines, they enjoy what they have, they relish in their accomplishments and fear change. However, facing your fear and embracing change will take you places you never thought possible.

Why use the cloud and not dedicated servers?

In the past I, and other IT Consultants, installed dedicated servers for businesses, and even freelancers and professionals. However, over the past few years, this has changed. Today, we tend to use the Cloud, and I think it’s a fantastic situation for many reasons. In this episode, I go through the reasons why.

Is it possible to only work 3-4 hours a day?

Personally, I think it is. But it does depend on a few things; Your work, your mindset and your workflow. Let me explain a few things. There is a difference between Hours in your business & Hours on your business. So once you have this idea honed, then the rest will fit into place like a well-crafted jigsaw puzzle.

Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy

I find people complicate ‘simple’ with being ‘lazy’ or ‘easy’ and that’s FAR from the truth. It’s tough and often insanely complicated to make something that’s simple to do and understand. But by embarking on your journey to make your life simpler, you will, for sure, get frustrated. However, it will ultimately make you happier and glad that you make the switch to making your life simpler and more fulfilling.

How often do you check your email?

What if I told you that only checking your email mailbox once or twice a day will get you more productive and your world won’t burn to the ground?

Yes, it is possible to have email inbox-zero

After yesterday’s video, I got a few messages and emails asking me how is it possible I have a clean inbox with nothing in it, they didn’t understand how that was possible. So I’d make a follow-up video to explain a little further. It’s not hard to do; you have to work on other parts of your workflow to get here. It is also possible to have inbox-zero if you only work on just your email workflow. I explain more in the video.

How to organise your email mailboxes

How nice would it be to have an email mailbox that's always organised, simplified & easy to use? Well, in this video, I go through my email app so you can see how easy it is to fix your mailbox woes and have an 'inbox-zero' every day!

Fixing your complicated and messy email

We all use email, we all need email and want to have our email setup correctly. Right? Well, after working with thousands of clients, email is the one thing that never seems to be set up correctly with pretty much all of them!

So, what’s Tech Minimalism?

In this video, I want to talk about what Tech Minimalism is to me. After running a few businesses over the years, I’ve found a way to minimise and simplify every aspect of my business. Tech Minimalism has helped me to be hyper-focused on daily tasks and to help my clients rather than fighting with my Tech and IT. So as a Tech Minimalist, I now help my clients with what I have learned over the years to simplify their systems so they too can have more time to live their lives more calmly.

Back up your mac and stay happy

Just got back from a client where his ‘Data’ hard drive with his Photo library has an issue. But in haste, he had copied his library to his external hard drive, but now that has an issue, he has no backup! Backing up should be at the top of your list when it comes to data, so make sure it’s all backed up and safe.

Want to stay hyper-focused?

Ever think that the app or service you’re using is not what you expected? Well, it’s because they are not ‘hyper-focused’ on what it is they’re trying to solve. So think about it, if you’re using an app or service that isn’t ‘focused’, then how will that affect you while you’re using it?

How to have a happy & productive day

The difference between saying you have a ‘Busy Day’ and a ‘Full Day’ is enormous when it comes to calming your mind. It’s the difference between having a stressful day and a happy engaging and productive day. How? Let me explain…

How do you keep your Mac data safe?

Today’s video comes to you from a client’s location. They’re having issues with their iMac, so call me to help them resolve it. However, the system is corrupt, and we need to get the data from a backup so we can restore it for them. And in this video, I will explain how best to set up your Mac and make sure your data is safe, secure and available to you at all times.

How many inboxes do you actually need?

Do you find yourself bouncing from one inbox to the other all day every day, trying to find out what needs to get done? Well, it’s time to cut your inboxes!

Why the need for complications?

Have you ever found that people overcomplicate things and can't figure out what they're saying? Yeah! Tell me about it! Why complicate it when the most simple, easiest and straightforward way is the path that will get you the most out of what you need?

Is this the wrong platform?

I’m often asked what the best platform or tool is for a workflow or business, and as a Tech Minimalist, I get to work to find the simplest, easiest to use (for my clients and myself) and most cost-effective solution possible. Today I tweeted about the platform I use for the MacJunky Dojo because I was happy and proud of what I could do with it, however, someone wasn't so impressed (constructive criticism) so I thought I’d reply and address this in video form.

New tools & the new Dojo

Stop looking for new tools that you think will ‘automagically’ help you do more this year. It’s not out there! But there is a way to do it. Just try to make your system/workflow better then look for the right tool to help you accomplish your goals.


A new year, a new decade and a new beginning, I hope the coming year will be as fantastic for you as it will be for me!

Yearly review

Doing a yearly review is a great way to look back and see how far you’ve progressed (or failed) to make the coming year ten times better!

Don’t fall into the trap!

Do you have 'Shiny object syndrome'? I for sure know I have! We all fall into the trap of buying new things, finding 'better' software, and getting new stuff we don't need. Sometimes we need to step back and look at our lives to understand where we're going wrong and take steps to fix it.

Do what you want

Wouldn't it be great to be able to do what you wanted all year round and not just in the holiday season(s)? This is the only time of year that I'm extra, extra EXTRA chilled! Not because I treat this period as a holiday, but because others do.

Last Christmas

It’s the last Christmas of the decade, and today I look back on the reasons why I don’t celebrate this time of year. Also, I have big plans for the next decade and will share my thoughts, work/life balance & the whole journey with you.

Technology for good

Use technology for good to bring your loved ones closer over the holidays. Remember the good times with laughter, joy & tears, and even though time passes, their memories will never fade in your heart.

The right environment

Creating the right environment for your surroundings when you work is a great way to stay healthy and productive, but do you also give the same amount of thought to your apps and tools?

Learning all the time

Learning something new every day should be on top of your todo list. Education is freeing, enlightening & inspiring and if you think you can help others with what you know, SHARE IT!

Gut feelings

Gut feelings are good, but it has to be an informed ‘gut feeling’ otherwise you’ll pay dearly to change that decision later on down the line, and that’s never a good thing for you, your time, or your clients.

I’m sorry

I messed up, and I’m genuinely sorry. Just a selfish video to myself.

Choose wisely

Do you keep bouncing from app to app for your business? The saying goes like this; Just because it’s available, doesn’t mean you should use it. I have a ton of clients who do this and always ask me how to minimise apps and services for the better.

Stay ahead of the game with your IT & Tech

We all get annoyed when we need our things fixed, but it's especially annoying if the tool we need to run our business will be out of action for days. In this video, I'll explain the other side of the coin and some tips on how not to create urgency with your Tech.

Do you keep leaving things to the last minute?

Are you someone who tends to leave things to the last minute? Yeah, I know the feeling, it's not great right? So why do this with your Mac (or tech in general)? We need our tech and IT to work 100% of the time. You may not believe it, but I would say 95% of the time, the work I do for my clients is always an urgent one, why? Because our Macs/tech/IT is what we need to do our work. If it's not in good order, we can't work. Think of a car engine without oil.

How many subscription services do you use?

There are so many software/service subscriptions that it can get annoying having to pay for more and more of them. However, have you thought about why and how they’re actually helping you?

Why I’m no longer using Todoist

There was a question regarding my last video about using the right tool for the right job and why I don’t use Todoist anymore. So let me expand and explain the reasons in this video. Using the right tool for the right job also means using the right tool for the way you work, how your workflow is set up and the best way to work on projects with your clients.

Are you using the right tool?

If you’re not happy with your workflow and getting frustrated with your IT & Tech, it might be because you’re not using the right app or tool to help you through your workday.

How I work with Basecamp and my calendar

Earlier this week I spoke about my workflow and an experiment I was working on with my agenda. Well today, I share it all! In today’s (longer) video, I go through my Basecamp workflow and how I ‘live’ in my Calendar more than in my email.

The importance of not being busy

If you’re always working and being ‘busy’ then you have no right to complain when others are too busy for you. Stop being ‘busy’ and start enjoying and doing things for yourself.

How to focus better with hard borders

Having 'Hard Borders' with your apps and tools help you concentrate and focus on what you're doing, that way you don't get distracted by things on the screen that are within your view.

Create more time by allocating it better

Do you allocate time to the day-to-day running of your business tasks? Do you feel overwhelmed by the things that need to be done but can't find the time? In this video, I go through the way I manage to juggle everything I need to do and also have more than enough time to focus on myself by breaking up my day.

Simpler than simple?

Is it possible to make my workflow, even more, simpler than it already is? That's what I was working on over the past weekend while I was sick with my 'man flu' and I think I might have just retired 3 or 4 of my workflow steps. So during this week I will work with this newfound way and report back at the end of this week to let you know how it went. It's only Monday, but so far so good!

Man flu & business

Good, it's Friday. I need to recover and shake off my 'man flu' over the weekend. Being sick while running a business is tough, but sometimes we just have to buckle up and get on with it, right?

What's on my iPhone

Yep, my iPhone and the apps I use on it are just as simple as everything else I do. How simple? Well, this video explains how and what apps I use to make my life easier. How many apps do you have on your iPhone?

Hustle porn

Have you noticed recently how people post articles about only having 4-6 hours of sleep, getting up early, and making sure you work, work, work and close that deal? Yeah, it's called Hustle Porn. I don't know about you, but I wasn't put on this earth to work my ass off and then die at an early age! Take it easy, relax, make sure you connect with people around you and enjoy your life. The 'money' will find you.

Headaches and goals

When you set a goal, no matter what, you have to stay focused on the goal to achieve it. Even if you've had a busy day, headache throughout, and your tool stack annoying you... STAY FOCUSED on the GOAL!

Setting goals

Do you ever set goals for yourself or your business? I never did until recently. I obviously set some 'sort of' goal, but never committed to them religiously. That has changed recently, and over the weekend something so extraordinary happened, that I just had to set this massive goal for myself.

Why are you always so busy?

How has your week been? Busy? Productive? You have an average of 8 hours a day, but in those hours, how many hours are actually focused on work? So many people get distracted while they work, I find it impossible to believe they get any work done within that time. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way of shaving off 2, 3 4 hours off that so you can enjoy more of your life? What would you do if you could save 3 a day? Let me know below...

Work files vs backup vs archive

Are you frustrated with your data being all over the place and don't know whether it’s backed up, archived or on your Mac? Yeah, I hear this a lot! In today's video, I go through the differences between the three and how to avoid headaches. How do you organise your data? Do you know the differences between your working files, your backup and your archive?

Coach vs consultant

Last Monday I was asked how I would describe myself. Now I don't like to pigeonhole but I have always thought of myself as a Consultant. However, in recent times I think I’m more of a Coach than a Consultant. This is my explanation of how I define the two. How would you define the difference between a Coach and a Consultant?

Does the way you work with your clients suck!?

In this video, I go through a few ideas of what the best way could work for you when you work with your clients. Leave a comment below about how you work with your clients, I’d love to know. I’m fascinated with other people’s workflows and tools.

Security, privacy & GDPR

If you're running any kind of business you NEED to be aware of GDPR, if your thinking "It won't happen to me" then you're making a BIG mistake! In this live stream, I'll be showing you a list of companies that have been prosecuted, and we're not only talking about the big organisations here, we're also talking about the smaller ones like you and I are running to! I also go through a few easy steps on how you can safeguard yourself from this law.

Square wheels

Livestream on November 5, 2019

Todo lists & calendars

Livestream on November 4, 2019

Tech and IT frustrations

Livestream on October 15, 2019

macOS Catalina

In this week’s live stream, I'll be going through the new macOS Catalina (10.15) update and how it could impact you and the apps (and Mac!) you use. Should you upgrade, wait, or do a 'clean install' we'll go through it all!

Backup best practices

Backing up your Mac and data should be really high on your 'tech' list. We all have data that needs to be safe and secure.

Stop moving your emails!

We all have to use email, we also have to keep them archived for future reference and available to us where ever we are.‍ Simplifying your email storage so you don't have to keep moving it over and over again is actually quite simple. In this video, I go through different email systems and why using an online service works better for email storage.

Crazy email folders!

Over the years I've helped clients move from one Mac to another, one service to another and even transferred email data to G Suite.‍ One thing I've found with doing this type of project is that there seems to be this 'need' for tons and tons of folders!‍ In this video I show how you why you should stop using folders within your email and give you some ideas on what to do to best free up your time.‍ If you have any questions, please do contact me. I can also help you move your email over to G Suite for better structuring & ease of use.

Time blocking, a friendly debate with Paul Minors

My last video, named "Time Blocking SUCKS!" was received quite well after it was posted. After Paul Minors saw the video posted he suggested we make a video about the pros and cons of time blocking. I thought it was a great idea, so here it is! Check it out and let me (us) know what you think.

Time blocking SUCKS!

Time Blocking, we've all heard about it, but why block your time and work like a robot when you could be enjoying your time living life?‍ In this video, I'll show you how I use my calendar, and why I keep my calendar free as much as possible, even though I do client work and get external calendar invites.‍ How is this possible? Well, watch this video and find out.‍

Simplify Gmail extension

Have you ever found something that was so in line with what you do, how you work & who you are and thought... wait, why didn't I know about this? Well, today I'm gonna show you an app that is so in line with who I am that I'm surprised that I didn't build it myself!

Zapier makes mundane tasks easier

Automation might be annoying to set up at the start, but man it can help you save a ton of time! In this video, I talk about one of my automation workflows that helps me by creating appointments and everything associated with it.

Todoist, why I use it and why I stopped using Pipedrive & Asana

Today I had a great conversation with a friend about his workflow and how and what apps I use for the running of my business. I’ve helped him set up his system and love geeking out with him about all this stuff! This is an excerpt of the full conversation where I talk about Todoist and why I keep going back after using other tools like Pipedrive & Asana etc. The conversation was done with Zoom, so the quality isn't as good as my 4K camera, but the content is pure gold.

How to create a simple workflow

The most often asked question I get is: How do I create a workflow that works? In this video, I go through one aspect of my workflow and how I keep track of my prospects and clients, from acquisition to work to the final invoice.

G Suite vs Google apps

I’m often asked about the security of G Suite and how it affects data that’s stored with their service. In this video, I go through the between G Suite, the free Google account, and how you can avoid GDPR issues.

Todoist: How to simplify your task list

In this video, I go through the simplest way how to use Todoist to run your business, projects and life chores. It doesn't have to be difficult to use your task list. If it is, you simply have don't the right workflow that works for you.

Work anywhere with just your iPhone

Working remotely is possible, and it’s insanely easy if you’ve set up the right system. In this video, I go through my workflow on the iPhone while I relax in the park with Woof!

Stop fighting with your email

Have you ever been frustrated with your email and wondered how you could fix it? Well, this is the video for you!

How to simplify your iPhone

I've been asked several times by people who've seen my iPhone about how simply I've set it up. So I thought I'd make a video and see if you'd get any ideas about how you might be able to simplify yours.

How to simplify the file and folder structure

If you're fighting with your files, folders, and general organisation on your Mac, then this is the video for you. It's quite easy to keep things in place, you just need to have the right system, and then your worry about lost documents will be over.

The philosophy behind Tech Minimalism and simplicity

I recorded a conversation about a project and after listening back to it, I thought I would use parts of it to show a little about my philosophy about simplifying my life and how I work with my clients.

Let's stay in touch

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