Nice to meet you

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. Below is what I do, what I can do for you, and a little history.
Nice to meet you


I've been living in Amsterdam for many years now but getting itchy feet. So I've planned an escape to become a nomad with my dog Woof!

I love cars, driving and road trips. These three things prompted me to take a few trips to Spain and Portugal in the last few years.

I fell in love with the idea and realised I could easily do it full-time, so I'm now putting it into action so watch this space!


Over the years, I've found that the number one culprit of wasted time in the workplace, even for freelancers, is using the wrong technology.

My clients hire me to remove the stress and headaches that tech brings to their day-to-day lives. Basically, I make IT so simple it's invisible!

As a Tech Minimalist who works remotely, I'm always open to having a video call about possible collaboration on your project, so let's connect.


My journey into simplicity started years ago, but I never thought it would turn into a thriving business helping others to remove tech friction.

Here's a quick summary...

  • I started by DJing, creating and producing music. Then moved to the technology used in and around the industry.
  • Worked at several places installing, advising and consulting on music tech for many studios in London, Ireland and parts of Europe.
  • Moved into TV at ITN news network, where I took care of all studio and computer equipment. And was even a sound engineer for the morning news.
  • Started a consulting firm in the UK, helping small businesses and professionals with their Apple systems and devices.
  • Moved to The Netherlands and started MacJunky doing the same, but decided not to scale due to becoming a family and to keep things simpler.
  • I was asked to join Blast Radius, where I oversaw the servers, client machines and general technical solutions for staff and executives.
  • Currently coaching, consulting, training and creating solutions for professionals and small businesses who want better, faster and simpler workflows.
  • My expertise comes from knowing tech, what’s available, its use, and its possibilities for the client, and finding the right solution that suits them.
  • I’m more of the person in-between the client and the techies, jargon, and the possibilities the right tech can do for the client.
  • I’ve also recently started helping SaaS companies with beta testing and advising on the UX/UI of their apps to make them simpler.
  • Tech Minimalism was born out of the friction and frustration many clients’ had with the technology they used to run their businesses.
  • Today I create videos, blog posts and podcasts about Tech Minimalism and how companies can limit tech use to be more productive.


No lead magnets. No sales emails. I'm not even trying to convince you to join my newsletter. But you sure will learn new things if you're on it!