Onboarding is a very important step when welcoming a new team member or a new client. So getting this right can help smoothen the start of your project.

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In today's episode, I want to talk about onboarding. What's the best onboarding experience you've ever had. Do you have an onboarding set up basically when you work with new clients or when you onboard a new employee, etc. into your team.

Now, onboarding is a big thing and you should actually, have some sort of a workflow for that.

The best onboarding I've ever had. One of the best jobs I ever had was working at a large media company. And on the first day of arriving my boss at the time, who became a really good friend actually said to me, here's a phone... deal with anything that happens. And if you have any problems, contact me.

That was the best onboarding experience ever.

There was no written... I mean, obviously he gave me instructions of where things were, but there was no convoluted way of, explaining anything.

The main thing was that there was a lot of trust in that. He gave me two instructions.

Deal with it. Contact me if you need me.

Two simple and direct instructions. And onboarding should be as easy as that nowadays onboarding is actually got quite convoluted.

When I onboard clients into... when I'm collaborating with my clients, I make it really, really simple. My user experience... the way I deal with user experience is quite high on my list. I want everybody to have a simple way of contacting me where all the information is, etc. So onboarding is really, really important.

So, my question really is, do you have an onboarding experience for a new team member or, when you work with clients, having it as simple as possible is the easiest user experience, the way you deal with it should be really easy user experience for the team member or the new client.

Wow. They came out wrong, but I think you understand what I mean.

So it'd be good to know what your best onboarding experience actually is or was. Could it have been made easier, could have been made a bit more clearer. Becasue my one was just the best and I will never forget it. I'll never forget the expressions on his face and my face. Yeah, it was just the best ever.

Anyway, that's the episode today. It was about onboarding.

As always Keep IT Simple, Keep IT Calm. And I'll see you tomorrow.

Ciao. Bye bye.