I've been using Vimeo to host my videos for many years, and have been happy with their service. I even toyed with their live streaming tier for a while.

However, this last week I heard something from the company that simply pissed me off! After a search, I found others who were equally annoyed. So the search for a new video hosting company began.

‍Man, I so fucking hate the bait-and-switch some of these SaaS companies employ!

Anyway, after checking out a few, and not being happy with any of them, I chose Odysee.

UPDATE: I moved over to Bunny.net soon after.

‍I've been watching videos on Odysee for a while, even had a few channels set up for myself, but never really used it, as I was pretty happy with Vimeo, as I already mentioned.

‍This last week, I started testing out a few of my videos, and after I was happy, I uploaded my library of work onto it. So all my videos will be hosted on Odysee moving forward.

‍It's simple, easy to navigate and friction-free when doing anything in the backend.

‍My videos will still be embedded on my website like they were, but with an archive library being on Odysee, it'll help with future projects. And as it's on Blockchain, they'll always be available and accessible.

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