If you're fighting with your Mac and fed up with not having a good system that just works, then this is going to help. In this 2-hour session, we'll go over your current system together and issues and find a way to minimise your tech frustrations and maximise your Mac organisation!

Here are some of the things I've worked on with past clients:

• Organising Photos in the right place
• Making sure all data is backed up
• Creating a filing system for documents
• Fixing sync issues with iCloud and data
• Securing data so that it's all safe

• Bonus 1 You'll also get access to me via email for 30-days for any questions.
• Bonus 2 Recorded session so you can download and keep for reference.
• Bonus 3 Discount for my 30-day Tech Minimalism program

If you're stuck and could use a hand in making progress, this personal 1-on-1 session is a very efficient way to do so. I'm looking forward to working with you soon!

Hi, I'm Kia

I'm a Tech Minimalist and founder of MacJunky. I work remotely while travelling in a classic Chevy K5 Blazer with my dog Woof! and sharing the journey.