Have you ever thought, "This should have been a Podcast!" I know I have!

‍I've had so many GREAT conversations with so many different people. Be it clients, prospective clients, people interested in what I do and general discussions that turn into a treasure-trove of great information. That information, the delivery, the warmness is always lost as it's never recorded or shared!

‍Wouldn't it be great to have all that information for others to hear?

As you know, I have a Podcast, however, I've been thinking about doing a more in-depth long-form Podcast about things I generally talk about but with some 'guests' added.

My idea is to have a conversation, like a fly-on-the-wall style Podcast, where you, the listener, are interested in two (or more) people just shooting the breeze and sharing our knowledge of what we know.

‍This idea has been running around my head for a LONG time, but I wasn't sure if 'yet another Podcast' would make a difference. But I've concluded that we all have something beneficial to share. And we all share things differently, so why not!

Pay it forward if the theme I'm going for.

‍It'll be a weekly event, so I'll have to work hard to find people who would like to come on and share their knowledge, what they do and how we, together, can help the listener.

‍Let me know your thoughts and whether you'd like to be a guess or know of anyone who'd be a perfect fit for a Podcast like this.

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