It's great to be liked by everyone around you. But if you're appeasing, how is that being genuine?

Stop trying to make everyone happy and be yourself.

If you piss off a few billion people, don't fret. There are the other billion that will and always like who you are and what you stand for.

Besides, how many 'friends' do you need?

Business is about being genuine without being a dick. So as long as your work is on point, you're not rude, and you still to your principles, you'll find an audience.

I'm writing this as I see so many slimy posts from a bunch of back-slapping from people in different industries, and when you speak to these people 'off air', they are nothing like what they appear to be on LinkedIn.

It's a shame.

So don't worry about what you see on social media before you post. Post what you want, when you want and about what you want. And don't give two shits what others think.

Be genuine, and you'll find your audience.

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