In today's instalment of Friday Fury, I talk about how getting support from some companies can be like pulling your teeth out with a hammer and string!

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So happy Friday. This is the second instalment of Friday Fury. I'm going to keep doing these. This... the episodes that I make are actually about helping people get organised, making sure that they're using the right tools and so on. But there are things that annoy me and I think they also annoy you.

So I want to create this Friday Fury series, these episodes every Friday about just that, about things that actually annoyed me and things that I hear from clients. So, this week two things have happened. One person and once from a client. The client issue was actually an email issue through their service providers, the internet service provider.

So whenever you get internet, whether it's T-Mobile or, Ziggo or, KPN or whatever. These are Dutch companies that I'm talking about. Usually they will give you a free email address. Now, what happens is that a lot of people have used those email addresses for many, many years.

So it's difficult to actually exchange their email address to... you know, change your email address to something else. It is possible. It's just difficult.

What's happened in with this company, what they're telling my client is that it's your fault, your at fault, your computer has a virus, your computer is... they're shifting a blame to the client and not actually dealing with it.

And you've been watching my videos for a while. You know that the thing that irks me more than anything on this planet is people not doing their jobs properly.

Companies not doing their jobs properly and in turn shifting the blame onto everybody else but themselves. And it just... it should irritate everybody.

So that's one thing that client has had an issue with. They've had issues with their service provider before, cause I've had to deal with it.

My issue this week actually has been with a service provider, that I'm using. Again, I'm not going to say what it is, whatever that reply...

Let's just not get into what the issue was.

The point is when you ask for support from any company, they should be there to support you. They shouldn't be there shifting blame.

In my case, I won't go through who it is because then you'll know who it is, but in my case, I contacted the support and actually asked them a specific question. They gave me three or four paragraphs of everything but the answer, which made no sense.

So I replied, can you please clarify this? They replied again with pretty much exactly, the same thing.

Now I know it's not a robot, it's actually a person. But for them not to actually do their support job properly... when you have an issue and you want to contact support, you kind of expect to get the right answers.

Maybe not the first time. Possibly the second time at least, or at least the first time, try to understand what the issue is rather than just blurting out, "Oh, we think it's this" It's the wrong way of doing things, and again, it has irritated me.

Am I going to leave them because... no, because we're still going... this email conversation is actually still going on, so I'm going to see... what happens.

I won't leave them because they're a good service and I like them. But in this particular instance, with this particular support issue, they haven't been great. Basically.

Again, when you ask for support, you kind of expect to have the right answer. Especially if you've given them the, you know, the, the overall, you know, what's going on.

What I do, and I've noticed that it's actually helped quite a lot, trying to get the right support, is I make videos. I make... and I comment on the videos. So I make a video and show them the actual problem, send it to them with a couple of lines as to what certain basics of what's going on.

And since I've done that, actually, it's actually helped quite a lot, in the sense that they've see the problem and they contact you again. But the issue that I have is that a lot of support companies, a lot of support in companies, either their hands are tied or they're not getting the right people to actually do the support properly.

So that's my Friday Fury. I'm just furious about support people not doing their jobs properly.

Now.. Just a little advert. I do support and if you want to be. If you're interested in Membership in my support, I'll put links below. There's always an advert somewhere.

Anyway, have a great weekend. I'll see you on Monday.

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