In the many years, I've been a technical consultant, I've come across so many situations that have been so complicated, so convoluted, and so confusing that I've found myself thinking if I don't understand this stuff, how on earth will the client understand it?!


So happy Friday, it's Friday, Friday Fury. I'm furious. I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed about complications.

And I don't mean in complications in your life or anything like that. I'm just talking about. People making things complicated, whether it's over thoughts, overproduced, just the language that they use. Most of the time it's language that they use.

I had a LinkedIn conversation. I saw a LinkedIn conversation and I left a comment and someone left a comment below me. Saying exactly the same thing as the original poster said in different language. saying... well, this is how I see it.

That's just semantics. You're just complicating what the original poster said even more.

So do you have to discuss it further? I'm like... why do people like to complicate things with language? Why do people need to complicate? It need to complicate things with the way they work, the things that they do,

I've been to so many webinars about remote work. Okay. This is a recent thing about remote work.

Now I've been in this space for a long, long, long time, right? I've been in the tech space for a very long time. 25 plus years. So I know a thing or two about this stuff.

Granted I don't know everything. There's no way of everybody knowing everything. And I appreciate that and I accept that.

But these webinars or whatever, they call them Zoom calls or whatever.

They start talking about things and they're complicating the actual subject that they're talking about. So the people watching it. Because I see it. I see it.

The people watching going... hmm. Yeah. Oh, I didn't know that.

But if they actually listen and actually understand what's being said, It's all BS, 95% of it is BS. You're going to a one hour webinar and getting 5% out of what you actually need.

People listening to it because they're talking in this kind of... real technical jargon, and it is jargon and they're like...

Oh yeah, this means a lot. I'm going to take away a lot of this information and use it.

Bullshit! You're not going to do it. It's, it's absolute and that's a crap.

And a lot of these webinars about technology and digital transformation and remote work, is just insane, and it irritates me.

Again. It's all about complicating things so you don't understand what's going on so you can hire someone that probably doesn't know what they're talking about themselves. Them giving you a bunch of jargon and you just lapping it up and giving them money.

It's insane. It's unbelievable.

Anyway, I'll leave it there. I'm laughing, but it's just hilarious how people fall for this crap. But anyway, I'll leave it there.

That was Friday Fury #3, the third one. Anyway, have a great day, have a good weekend. And I'll see your Monday.

I might change camera angle. I don't know. Thinking about it.

Have a good weekend. Ciao. Bye bye.

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