The less we have, the more time we have. But having extra time for ourselves doesn’t mean doom-scrolling for fear of missing out.

Hi, I'm Kia

I'm a Tech Minimalist and founder of MacJunky. I work remotely while travelling in a classic Chevy K5 Blazer with my dog Woof! and sharing the journey.


Recently I created a blog post about what was on my home screen of my iPhone. And on the Basecamp community people were talking about showing what you have on your iPhone. So I posted it with a few notes and stuff and people were amazed as to what I didn't have on my home screen. In fact I only have one home screen, one screen and half of that is also empty. Now previous to that screenshot I did have social media on there and I use social media for my business rather than personally although my personal Twitter I do post some stupid stuff which I think is funny. But anyway the issue I have with having well let's go back. So what I did was actually get rid of all the social media off of my phone completely because I found out I realized I should say that I was just wasting way too much time on social media.

Now on my Mac I have two browsers open. One is Brave which is what I use for anything social media and websites that I don't know about and Safari which is my actual you know daily driver web browser. But Brave is basically open with things like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. And I quit it if I want to focus and not have any tabs open that's got social media on it. So I thought how about getting rid of social media completely from my phone. So I took them off of my home screen but I realized I was actually still going and finding them and it's just killing my productivity. Not only that it's killing my brain cells. There is so much stupidity on the internet as you are well aware.

But for me when I scroll through I'm fearing oh I'm going to miss something what's what's new but it's killing my brain. It's killing my productivity. I'm not getting as much work done. I am quite conscious of it. I have been. So I wasn't constantly doom-scrolling but anytime I had that was to myself I when I was walking wolf and when I'm just walking and so you know just relaxing I realized I was reaching out for the phone whereas I could be thinking about better stuff. So the FOMO was basically just killing my personal productivity not just focus on work but just productivity in general.

So what I've now done is completely deleted them off of my phone. I don't actually need them. I work on my Mac. I don't work on my phone. My phone is is effectively a communication tool. So there are a handful of tools that I use for my business like Basecamp and Signal and so on email that are obviously obviously on my phone and I need those things but social media has basically created me into this monster of wanting to know everything and we can control that.

I had controlled that but I realized it wasn't working as well. I was getting drawn back into it. So I've basically deleted it off my phone and for the past few days it's actually been pretty good. I'm going to keep it like that from here on out.

If I need it which I cannot see I would ever need it on my phone. I mean if it's urgent I go on my computer. I have the computer with me always. If I don't have my computer with me it means that I'm not working and it's not important. So why check social media? That's how I see it.