Your email is the glue that holds your digital life together and without it, you could lose the key to all your data. So making sure you 'own your keys' is vitally important. Here's what I had to deal with when my email stopped working.

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You're probably aware that your email address, your email account is the most critical thing in your digital life.

It's the thing that holds everything together, from having your bank contact you. Your clients contact you. You contacting friends etc.

It's the glue that holds everything together.

The problem is a lot of people don't have their own domain name as part of their email address strategy.

And when it comes to moving from one email service provider to another, if you don't have a domain name, it's a real pain in the butt. And it can cause more issues than you think.

There are ways of fixing it, and I've done it many times, but it's just a bit of a pain.

However, when you come across a situation like that... when you...

I'll tell you my story.

I've got a domain name. I have a server host. I moved over to iCloud plus. Because now you're able to add a domain name to iCloud plus.

Great. I have everything in iCloud. All my archives and everything is in iCloud.

My archive goes back to 1997 or 1998, something like that. I have over 200,000 emails. Yeah, I like to keep everything as I never bin anything.

So I moved all my archives to iCloud plus, it worked seamlessly.


I had issues sending my email newsletter. The problem was that some people weren't receiving it.

And when I did tests to myself, I wasn't receiving it. So I blamed the email service provider.

I still think they have a little to blame. But it just didn't work.

And after doing some investigation and talking to some people online and the ESP support, they told me it was an iCloud issue.

I couldn't quite understand. So I did a test by using a test domain from another hosted domain, and it worked!

Then I was stuck because I had everything in iCloud. All my emails, all my archives.

However, what I always say is...

"You've got to be able to make your data, your data"

So if a service doesn't work, you need to be able to move from one place to another without any downtime.

And because I have my own domain name, I could literally point my domain name to another host and it should work.

So within about an hour, it was less than that. But within about an hour, it started working.


And that's because I was in a situation where I could move my domain easily.

So make sure you have your data accessible. And I'm not just talking about email.

For instance...

If you're using a project management tool, can you get that information out of there?

If you're using a notes app or your notes secure, and can you get that information out of there.
‍etc, etc.

So you've got to make sure that you own your data. In the crypto world they say...

"own your own keys"

Just like your house, own your own keys. It's your key to get into your house.

You've got to own the key that gets to your data.

Hopefully, that was helpful. If you have any questions about your email, let me know because I deal with email all the time. I enjoy it. It's my geeky thing.

Have a great day. Keep IT Simple. I'll see you next time.