Two old Macs with docs, photos and music from over the past few years and one new computer... What do you do? If you have the time, you are going to sit down and transfer the whole lot... well, at least if you know how to do this or/and have the time to do so with the risk of losing precious memories and important docs.‍

That's why we decided to contact MacJunky. If you invest in a new Mac then it would be nice to start off in a good way.

I appreciated that Kia was very to the point... When he asked me what it is that we wanted, I started explaining what the problem was... He corrected me straight away and asked me what it is that we ideally wanted.‍

Saves a lot of time while the meter is ticking! We do have Apple Care but the big advantage is that MacJunky offers onsite service. We couldn't have done this on the phone with Apple Care (big chance they would have even refused to help us out) or by moving the whole lot to the Apple store (again, imagine their faces ;)).‍

Thanks, MacJunky... we can now really start enjoying our new Mac!